UCL trainees have been successful at gaining Fellowship funding from a very large variety of charities and research councils; both the larger funders such as the Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust, but also smaller charities that are often linked to particular diseases or clinical specialities. The list of funders below includes links to their websites where you can check eligibility and deadlines for application. Note that after an application is submitted it often takes 4-6 months for a funder to reach a decision on whether to shortlist and interview you, so leave enough time before you would like your project to start.

Three year training fellowships

Medical Research Council Clinical Training Fellowships

The MRC clinical research training fellowship provides up to three years’ support for clinically qualified, active professionals to undertake specialised or further research training in the bio-medical sciences within the UK.

Wellcome Trust

The Research Clinical Training Fellowship Scheme is for medical, dental, veterinary or clinical psychology graduates who have little or no research training, but who wish to develop a long-term career in academic medicine. Applications are encouraged from individuals who wish to undertake substantial training through high-quality research in an appropriate unit or clinical research facility, towards a PhD or MD qualification.

Action Medical Research

Action Medical Research makes special funding awards for medical graduates to train in research techniques and methodology. Our Research Fellows specialise in subjects relevant to the overall objectives of the Charity, including the field of bioengineering.

Alzheimer’s Society

Research & Clinical Fellowship Grants. Post-doctoral researchers and clinicians are invited to apply for a Fellowship grant (up to £200,000). This grant covers salary and equipment costs for up to three years.

Arthritis Research Campaign

A new Clinical PhD Studentship (CPhD) aims to provide training for medically qualified clinicians in a high quality research environment leading to a PhD and allow institutions to recruit candidates of the highest calibre.

Arthritis Research UK

Clinical research fellowships are awarded to encourage clinicians into an academic research career in rheumatology or any related field (including general practice) concerned with the treatment of arthritis and related musculoskeletal diseases. They are open to medical graduates, usually during speciality training, and aim to provide an opportunity for training in clinical and/or laboratory research techniques in a project that demonstrates clear relevance to the aims of Arthritis Research UK in a centre of excellence in the UK. Fellowships are normally awarded for 3 years and successful candidates will be expected to register for a higher degree (usually a PhD).

Association of Clinical Neurologists (ABN)

Clinical Research Training Fellowships.
The ABN is co-ordinating a new funding opportunity for clinically qualified trainees in neurology and related clinical disciplines. Applications are invited to fund 3 year clinical research training fellowships in any neurological discipline, with additional opportunities for projects in ataxia, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. Salary, university fees, reasonable travel costs, and laboratory consumables will be funded.

British Heart Foundation Clinical Fellowships

The BHF provides personal support for non-clinical and clinical cardiovascular researchers at all stages of their career.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK offers a number of funding opportunities at different levels.

Chief Scientist Office Clinical Academic Training Fellowships

This scheme has been developed to help address longstanding concerns about clinical academic careers. The scheme will be subject to competitive entry and will nurture a cadre of research-led clinical academics capable of going on to lead development in their discipline by providing the opportunity to undertake a PhD.

The scheme is open to individuals training in, or seeking to train in, all disciplines in medicine (including surgical disciplines, general practice, public health medicine etc) or dentistry, whether in primary or secondary care, however we are particularly keen to receive applications in the following areas where there is an identified national shortage of clinical academic expertise:

  • surgery
  • anaesthesia
  • radiology
  • psychiatry
  • obstetrics and gynaecology
  • lab based pathology specialities
  • sexual health
  • public health
Diabetes UK Clinical Training Fellowships

Clinical Training Fellowships enable medically trained graduates to work towards a PhD or MD in diabetes research and develop a career in academic medicine

Dunhill Medical Trust

Ageing, rehabilitation and palliative care. In October 2009 DMT launched a pilot scheme of Research Training Fellowships (RTFs) to provide talented clinicians, health professionals and scientists with the opportunity to undertake research training together with a practical research project leading to a higher degree, as a basis for a career in research in the fields of ageing, rehabilitation or palliative care.
The RTFs are intended to be flexible and may be undertaken on either a full-time (three year) or part-time (up to 4 year) basis.

Fight for Sight

Fight for Sight is pleased to announce a Clinical Research Training Fellowship jointly funded by Fight for Sight and the Medical Research Council (MRC). Applications are now being invited for the Fellowship which offers scientific training opportunities to a clinician wishing to pursue research into the prevention and treatment of blindness and eye disease.

Heart Research UK Research Training Fellowships for Clinicians

This grant gives high-calibre and talented clinicians the opportunity to undertake research training in the area of cardiovascular disease, learning new techniques and acquiring invaluable research skills. These grants differ from project grants in that emphasis is placed on the qualities of the applicant as well as the merits of the research proposed. The Research Training Fellowship scheme reflects HRUK’s commitment to ensuring that first-class research into heart disease and related conditions continues in the future.

Institute of Cancer Research

Wellcome 3-Year Clinical Research Fellowships in Drug Discovery.
The Wellcome Trust has funded The Institute of Cancer Research for two Clinical PhDs per year for three years beginning in Autumn 2011. The aim of this programme is to attract applicants who have the potential to pursue a career as an academic clinician and support them as they undertake a research training programme.

The Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund

The objective of the Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund Junior Research Fellowship programme is to support outstanding individuals wanting to pursue research into haematological malignancies.
The fellowships are expected to cover a period of 3 years and are to be undertaken on a full-time basis in a recognised university, hospital, or other equivalent institution.

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research

Clinical Research Training Fellowships are for haematologists in training for the award of a PhD.

Motor Neurone Disease Association

Central to the Association’s research strategy is the need to develop opportunities for the scientific training of young clinicians, to strengthen the links between the laboratory and the clinic. In collaboration with the Medical Research Council we are delighted to announce the creation of a new Fellowship programme for clinicians.

Royal College of Physicians (London)

Research fellowships support the RCP’s commitment to improving clinical standards and help support clinicians in their research work in a variety of speciality areas.

Sparks Clinical Research Training Fellowship

Sparks funds medical research related to the prenatal, perinatal and early childhood years. Sparks is keen to encourage research applications which provide a training opportunity for individuals who wish to develop a long term career in academic medicine.

The Stroke Association

Fellowships offer up to three years support, and are intended to provide an opportunity for clinically trained individuals to undertake training in stroke research.

Wellbeing of Women Research Training Fellowships

The Fellowship must be undertaken in the UK and the research can be in basic science, clinical or translational research in one of the following three areas:

  1. Gynaecological Cancers
  2. Pregnancy and Birth
  3. Quality of Life issues

Other grants and fellowships

Academy of Medical Sciences/Wellcome Trust Starter Grants for Clinical Lecturers

The Academy is working in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust to deliver this four year grants programme for research active Clinical Lecturers.

It is a £5million grant scheme which aims to provide modest ‘starter’ funds to enable research active Clinical Lecturers to pursue their research work, gather preliminary data and so further strengthen their applications for longer-term fellowships and funding.

The scheme will fund research work of only the very highest quality and where it is clearly demonstrated that the findings will inform the applicant’s future career aspirations and bids for larger scale fellowships.

Alzheimer’s Research Trust

The Preparatory clinical research fellowship provides funds for salary for one year and a contribution toward research and travel costs (up to £10,000). Clinical Research Fellowships provide salary (SpR, registrar level, or on equivalent university scales), up to three years, and research and travel costs (up to £10,000 per annum). For more information and to apply please visit

Association of Clinical Pathologists (ACP)

The Association of Clinical Pathologists has a number of financial assistance schemes that can be applied for each year.

British Pharmacological Society Vacation Studentships

The BPS is offering a number of study awards to encourage students to take up pharmacology.

British Skin Foundation Fellowship

The British Skin Foundation Fellowship offers research awards, fellowships and studentships.

British Society for Clinical Neurophysiology

The BSCN Council has agreed to implement a bursary programme for the intercalated degree year, with the principal aims of supporting young people in neuroscience research, and to raise awareness of the speciality of Clinical Neurophysiology at a formative stage in medical student careers and academic opportunities in the field.

Carnegie Trust Undergraduate Vacation Scholarships

Undergraduates attending a Scottish University, who were born in Scotland or who have a parent born in Scotland or who have at least two years of secondary education in Scotland, may be considered for the award of a Vacation Scholarship for the pursuit of a full-time research project, usually in the vacation between their second and third year.

European Society for Hypertension

Applications are invited for a two year Research Fellowship for research and training in hypertension related fields. The Fellow appointed will hold a medical degree or higher degree in science and have research aptitude or clinical experience in hypertension. The award can be used to support a two year period of research at an institute, university or academic centre in Europe

European Society of Cardiology

Research Fellowships. The goals of the scheme are to provide early career clinicians with high quality research experience that will enhance their future career as well as provide clear added value to their home institution or country upon their return. Research Fellowships may be held for a period of two years

European Society for Medical Oncology

The Clinical Research Fellowships are designed to:

  • Provide training in clinical research in renowned European cancer centres
  • Support efforts to expand professional networks through collaboration with institutions of excellence
  • Provide the necessary support to develop clinical oncology research projects
Guarantors of Brain

Neurology Entry and Exit Scholarship. This scholarship provides bridging salary support for up to one year to early career clinicians based in the United Kingdom. The scheme is intended to provide transitional funding at entry from the early ST grades, prior to obtaining a research fellowship, or on completion of research whilst waiting for an StR post. In exceptional circumstances, the Guarantors of Brain may appoint a candidate at the end of their neurology training who wishes to undertake a further period of research.
Salary Support for Trainee Neurologists in Basic Neuroscience. This scheme is intended to support talented young clinicians intending to pursue a career in neurology who wish to combine clinical training with research.

Ipsen Fund

Supporting neurological and endocrine based clinical advances. Offers Clinical Research Fellowships and Training awards.

Kidney Research UK

Clinical Training Fellowships support medical graduates to specialise in the renal field thereby expanding the levels of expertise in kidney research and treatment.

Leverhulme Trust

The Leverhulme Trust was established at the wish of William Hesketh Lever and makes awards for the support of research and education. The Trust emphasises individuals and encompasses all subject areas.

Nuffield Foundation Undergraduate Research Bursaries

If you’re a science undergraduate considering research as a career, you could be taking part in a defined research project for six to eight weeks in your summer vacation.

Pathological Society

The Society offers a generous range of grants to support high quality research in pathology. These range from supporting PhD students and clinical fellowships to the funding of small projects.

Physiological Society

Undergraduate Vacation Studentships offer undergraduate students who have completed at least two years of full-time study, in a higher education institute or equivalent, the opportunity to undertake physiological research projects.


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