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Grand Challenges

9.  Quantifying the potential impact of mobile health (M-Health) technologies on TB control in the EU

Supervisor Pair: Dr Andrew Hayward and Paul Taylor Potential Student’s Home Department: Department of Infection and Population Health

This project will explore the use of mobile health technologies in tuberculosis control building on two initiatives under development at UCL, namely the use of Video Observed Therapy (VOT) using smartphones as an alternative to in person Directly Observed Therapy and the use of a geographic interface for a contact tracing app supporting identification of secondary cases of tuberculosis. The project will include 1) review of the international literature on m-health technologies in tuberculosis control 2) further development and assessment of the use of the VOT alongside a trial of its effectiveness in London 3) further development and testing of the contact tracing app alongside tuberculosis services in London; 4) Surveys of an existing group of European TB experts across Europe to understand the potential need and impact of the technologies and barriers to implementation. The project is suited to either a public health scientist with an interest in app development or an information scientist with experience of app development with a strong interest in public health uses of e-health technologies.