SLMS Academic Careers Office

Grand Challenges

34. Patient-focused development of a versatile, wearable neurostimulation device to control urinary incontinence.

Supervisor Pair: Anne Vanhoestenberghe and Michael Craggs
Potential Student’s Home Department: Institute of Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Sciences

The project’s aim is to develop a wearable electronic device for people with a spinal cord injury (SCI). The student will learn about the principle of electrical stimulation and the neuro-anatomy specific to bladder control. The work ranges from designing and testing benchtop circuits to producing prototypes and running patient studies. Because this device is to be worn all day, with electrodes in contact with the patient’s skin, safety, skin integrity and comfort are critical considerations.

Besides the benefits, for the student, of working with a truly multi-disciplinary team (one supervisor is an engineer, the other a clinical scientist with the London Spinal Cord Injury Centre), this project, if successfully developed, could have a tangible impact for the SCI community.