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Grand Challenges

13. The mechanical control of tissue regeneration.

Supervisor Pair: Dr Yanlan Mao and Dr Rebecca Shipley 
Potential Student’s Home Department: MRC-LMCB

Tissue repair and regeneration after wounding is a fundamental problem of vast medical importance. Previous studies have largely focused on the biochemical and genetic control of tissue regeneration. However, there is increasing evidence that the mechanical environment of the tissue also plays a role in the regeneration process. The project will use an exciting interdisciplinary approach to understand how tissue mechanics contributes to regeneration, and importantly, how the tissue senses when to stop healing - a problem that has been largely neglected to-date. This will be achieved through a unique combination of live imaging, in vivo Drosophila genetics, biophysical force measurements and computational modelling, to both better understand and quantify mechanical tissue regeneration mechanisms.