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  1. Bayesian Modelling of Disease Progression In juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM) Supervised by Dr Maria De Iorio and Professor Lucy Wedderburn. Based in Dept of Statistical Science more
  2. Mind-body interactions influencing the outcome of treatment for epilepsy Supervised by Professor Robert Horne and Professor Sanjay Sisodiya. Based in Centre for Behavioural Medicine (CBM), UCL School of Pharmacy more
  3. Treating retinal inflammation: bridging the divide between common problems in the eye and the brain Supervised by Glen Jeffrey and Kenneth Smith. Based in Institute of Opthalmology more
  4. Development of a Novel In Vivo Animal Model for Schizophrenia Drug Testing Supervised by Dr Jennifer Linden and Professor Peter Scambler. Based in the Ear Institute – this project is no longer available under GCS
  5. Immune mechanisms in Developmental Programming of Non-Alchoholic Fatty Liver Disease Supervised by Dr Jude Oben and Professor Tessa Crompton. Based in Institute for Liver & Digestive Health PROVISIONALLY ALLOCATED
  6. Computer Aided Detection of Paedatric TB on Digital X-rays Supervised by Paul Taylor and Marc Lipman. Based in CHIME
  7. Neural population coding underlying visually-guided behaviour of larval zebrafish. Supervised by Dr Isaac Bianco and Professor Peter Latham. Based in Division of Biosciences / NPP
  8. Using social media big data to understand the genetic and environmental aetiology of mental health and disorder in emerging adulthood. Supervised by Dr Oliver Davis and Dr Sebastian Riedel. Based in Division of Biosciences / Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment PROVISIONALLY ALLOCATED
  9. Quantifying the potential impact of mobile health (M-Health) technologies on TB control in the EU. Supervised by Dr Andrew Hayward and Paul Taylor. Based in Department of Infection and Population Health more
  10. Molecular Control of Pain Processing. Supervised by Stephen Hunt and Suellen Walker. Based in Cell and Developmental Biology more
  11. Understanding the mechanisms of insulin secretion in patients with HADH mutations. Supervised by Dr Khalid Hussain and Dr Simon Eaton. Based in Clinical and Molecular Genetics Unit, Institute of Child Health more
  12. Origins of cortico-subthalamic “hyperdirect” pathway in the motor cortex: electrophysiology and imaging. Supervised by Dr Alexander Kraskov and Professor Daniel Alexander. Based in Sobell Department of Motor Neuroscience and Movement Disorders, UCL Institute of Neurology PROVISIONALLY ALLOCATED
  13. The mechanical control of tissue regeneration. Supervised by Dr Yanlan Mao and Dr Rebecca Shipley. Based in MRC-LMCB more
  14. Investigating community severance in Southend and its effects on health and access to healthcare. Supervised by Dr Jennifer Mindell and Professor Peter Jones. Based in Institute of Healthcare and Epidemiology, Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health more
  15. Ageing of the liver and protection from injury: from flies to mice to humans. Supervised by Professor Linda Partridge and Dr Manlio Vinciguerra. Based in Division of Medicine – Institute for Liver and Digestive Health more
  16. Intelligent nanomaterials against antibiotic resistant bacteria. Supervised by George Pasparakis and Sean Nair. Based in School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutics more
  17. Retroviral restriction factors that control species-specific gene regulation and stem cell fate  Supervised by Helen M Rowe and Greg Towers. Based in Infection and Immunity PROVISIONALLY ALLOCATED
  18. Improving women’s choice and uptake of effective contraceptive methods through development of interactive digital interventions  Supervised by Judith Stephenson and Ann Blandford. Based in IfWH, Department of Reproductive Health PROVISIONALLY ALLOCATED
  19. From embryonic cell to neuron: understanding the complexity of developmental decisions Supervised by Professor Claudio Stern and Dr Karen M Page. Based in Biosciences / Cell & Developmental Biology more
  20. Identification of mitochondrial biomarkers and therapeutic targets in pancreatic cancer  Supervised by Dr Jan-Willem Taanman and Professor Brian R Davidson. Based in Department of Clinical Neurosciences, UCL Institute of Neurology more
  21. Analysis of the performance of novel cardiac valve prosthesis: from standard experimental tests to patient-specific computational analyses  Supervised by Professor Andrew M Taylor and Dr Silvia Schievano. Based in UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science
  22. Understanding the molecular mechanisms of pancreatic cancer progression Supervised by Dr John Timms and Dr Stephen Pereira. Based in Institute for Women’s Health, Women’s Cancer more
  23. Television subtitling for deaf and hearing-impaired viewers: a route to improve English language skills for UK migrants with normal hearing  Supervised by Professor Bencie Woll and Dr Jorge Diaz-Cintas. Based in PaLS/DCAL more
  24. Large-scale phylogenomic mapping of domain architecture changes to elucidate gene function evolution Supervised by Dr Christophe Dessimoz and Professor Christine Orengo. Based in GEE more
  25. Calcium channel trafficking, nociceptive neurotransmission and mechanism of action of gabapentinoid drugs in mouse models of neuropathic pai. Supervised by Professor Annette Dolphin and Professor John Wood. Based in FLS/Biosciences/NPP PROVISIONALLY ALLOCATED
  26. Real-time and nanometre-scale visualisation of membrane perforation in pathogen attack and immune response Supervised by Bart Hoogenboom and Helen Saibil. Based in Research Department of Structural and Molecular Biology PROVISIONALLY ALLOCATED
  27. Forming a sensory map: the role of auditory and visual cues in the hippocampal representation of space Supervised by Jennifer Bizley and Daniel Bendor. Based in Ear Institute PROVISIONALLY ALLOCATED
  28. Functional effects of regulatory T cells on macrophage inflammatory responses to Streptococcus pneumoniae Supervised by Jeremy Brown and Michael Ehrenstein. Based in Medicine more
  29. Human amniotic fluid-derived induced pluripotent stem cells for the treatment of osteogenesis imperfecta Supervised by Pascale V Guillot and Timothy Arnett. Based in Institute for Women's Health PROVISIONALLY ALLOCATED
  30. Shared Control Wheelchair Interfaces Supervised by Catherine Holloway and Tom Carlson. Based in SLMS / IOMS PROVISIONALLY ALLOCATED
  31. Understanding the immunopathogenesis of juvenile-onset SLE: could targeting lipid biosynthesis control disease progression and reduce cardiovascular risk? Supervised by Liz Jury and Dr Despina Eleftheriou. Based in Medicine more
  32. Understanding the neurobiological effects of clinical photochemical internalisation in order to minimise nerve damage during treatment of cancer Supervised by Dr James Phillips and Dr Afia B Ali. Based in Eastman Dental Institute more
  33. Shedding light on the ethnic attainment gap: The influence of intercultural relations on students’ learning and performance Supervised by Dr Katherine Woolf and Dr Henry Potts. Based in UCL Medical School more
  34. Patient-focused development of a versatile, wearable neurostimulation device to control urinary incontinence. Supervised by Anne Vanhoestenberghe and Michael Craggs. Based in Institute of Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Sciences more
  35. The development and evaluation of positive psychology outcome measures for people with dementia Supervised by Dr Aimee Spector and Professor Martin Orrell. Based in Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, PALS PROVISIONALLY ALLOCATED
  36. Rehabilitation strategies to improve balance and prevent falls in people with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease Supervised by Dr Gita Ramdharry and Professor Mary Reilly. Based in MRC Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases, Department of Molecular Neuroscience, Institute of Neurology more
  37. Monogenic human pain disorders: gene identification and characterization using mouse models Supervised by Professor John N Wood and Dr James J Cox. Based in Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research, Department of Experimental Medicine PROVISIONALLY ALLOCATED
  38. The next generation of transcatheter heart valves with in-situ endothelisation: a strategy combining stem cell capture with antibodies and drug elution Supervised by Prof Ijeoma Uchegbu and Alexander Seifalian. Based in UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science WITHDRAWN
  39. The risk of Parkinson’s disease in cohorts of patients on common prescription drugs: A primary care database cohort study Supervised by Dr Anette Schrag and Dr Irene Peterson. Based in Department of Primary Care & Population Health

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