Current GCS Projects

Current GCS Student Projects

94 PhD students have been recruited to the GCS programme. The students are based in 30 Departments/Institutes across all four of the School of Life and Medical Science’s Faculties; Brain Sciences, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, and Population Health Sciences.

Derick ADIGBLI (GCS 2010) is working on Development of Photochemical Internalisation (PCI) as a delivery tool to improve cancer chemotherapy - Photochemical Internalisation (PCI) is a recently developed technique for targeted drug delivery, involving light-activated release of chemotherapy drugs  supervised by Dr Sandy MacRobert  and Dr Marilena Loizidou  based in Surgery
Nozie AGHAIZU (GCS 2012) is working on Mechanisms of photoreceptor migration following transplantation and in development  supervised by  Dr Rachael Pearson  and Professor David Becker based in  Department of Genetics, Institute of Ophthalmology 
Tanvi AGRAWAL (GCS 2013) is working on Regulating and predicting thymus T cell output using novel small molecule inhibitors supervised by Dr Adam Giangreco and Professor Robin Callard based in Division of Medicine
Ivan Arturo ALVAREZ FERREIRA (GCS 2011) is working on Investigation of the Visual System Using Tractography in Children in Health and Disease supervised by Dr Chris Clark and Dr Jon Clayden based in Institute of Child Health
Angshu ANGBOHANG (GCS 2012) is working on Role of inflammatory cytokines in the control of the regenerative role of adult retinal stem cells  supervised by  Professor Karl Matter  and  Dr G Astrid Limb.  based in  Inst Ophthalmology - Ocular Biology 
Samir AOUDJANE (GCS 2010) is working on Nanosensor for HIV diagnosis and monitoring supervised by Dr Rachel McKendry  and  Dr Anna Maria Geretti based in Infection and Immunity
Matthew BANCROFT (GCS 2013) is working on Mechanisms of instability in complex environments  supervised by Professor Brian Day and Professor Nick Tyler based in Institute of Neurology
Natalia BECARES (GCS 2013) is working on Characterization of Novel Targets against Lung Inflammation supervised by Dr Ines Pineda-Torra and Professor Rachel Chambers based in Internal Medicine
Katharina BERGERHOFF (GCS 2011) is working on Cellular And Molecular Events Controlling Acquisition Of Cytotoxic Activity By Tumor-Reactive CD4+ T Cells During Melanoma Progression And Immunotherapy supervised by Karl Peggs and Sergio Quezada based in Cancer Institute
Lauren Therese BOURKE (GCS 2011) is working on Cardiac Disease In Lupus: Molecular Mechanisms Of Autoantibody Mediated Pathogenicity And Identification Of Novel Biomarkers And Targets supervised by John Ioannou and Anastasis Stephanou based in Medicine
Jack BRELSTAFF (GCS 2010) is working on Pathological, biochemical and genetic characterisation of proteins associated with frontotemporal lobar degeneration supervised by Professor Tamas Revesz   and  Dr Rina Bandopadhyay  based in Institute of Neurology
Alexander F  BROWN (GCS 2013) is working on Exploring Ca2 signalling in a Friedreich's ataxia mouse model supervised by Dr Paola Giunti and Professor Sandip Patel based in Department of Molecular Neuroscience
Eliza BURTON (GCS 2011) is working on New Infant Vision Tests For Studying Disease Mechanisms In Inherited Retinal Dystrophies supervised by Marko Nardini and John Wattam-Bell based in Institute of Ophthalmology
Thomas BUTT (GCS 2010) is working on Developing a New Methodology for Evaluating Health-Related Quality of Life when Assessing the Cost Effectiveness of Treatments for Age-related Macular Degeneration supervised by Professor Gary Rubin  and  Professor Steve Morris  based in Institute of Ophthalmology
Carolotta CAMILLI (GCS 2013) is working on Smooth muscle differentiation of human pericytes for a bio-engineered oesophagus as a novel therapy for oesophageal atresia supervised by  Giulio Cossu and Paolo De Coppi based in Department of Cell & Developmental Biology
Andreia CAPAZ SILVA (GCS 2013) is working on Measuring changes in cerebral oxygen metabolism during neuroinflammation using novel non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques supervised by Professor Xavier Golay  and Professor Ken Smith based in Institute of Neurology
Lisa Louise CARTER (GCS 2011) is working on T Cell Receptor Repertoire In HIV Infection In Children And Adults supervised by Professor Nigel Klein and Dr Mahdad Noursadeghi  based in Institute of Child Health
Jocelyn CHARLTON (GCS 2011) is working on The Epigenomics Of Wilms Tumour supervised by Professor Kathy Pritchard-Jones and Professor Stephan Beck
 based in Institute of Child Health
Caroline CHARPENTIER (GCS 2012) is working on Manipulating cognitive control and information processing in depression using transcranial direct current stimulation supervised by  Dr Jonathan Roiser and Dr Tali Sharot based in  PaLS, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience 
Nadir CHEEMA (GCS 2011) is working on The use of health economic modelling in supporting decision making in clinical guidelines' supervised by Professor Steve Morris and Steve Pilling based in Epidemiology and Public Health
Kim Imogen CHISHOLM (GCS 2011) is working on Understanding The Contribution Of Mitochondria To The Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis: An Unexpected Opportunity supervised by Professor Kenneth J Smith and Professor Michael Duchen  based in Institute of Neurology
Alessandro  COATTI (GCS 2011) is working on tbc supervised by Dr Sonja Hofer and tbc based in Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology
Eleni DEMETRIOU (GCS 2013) is working on Chemical Exchange as a Marker of Protein Turnover in Brain Tumours supervised by  Professor Xavier Golay  and  Dr Karin Shmueli  based in  Brain Repair & Rehabilitation, IoN, UCL Brain Sciences 
Radha DESAI (GCS 2010) is working on Reactive oxygen species: a role in multiple sclerosis and an opportunity for neuroprotective therapy supervised by Professor Kenneth Smith  and  Dr Raj Kapoor  based in Institute of Neurology
Anna DZIECIOL (GCS 2010) is working on Tracking the hippocampal and diencephalic circuit of cognitive memory in developmental amnesia with diffusion tensor imaging  supervised by Professor Faraneh Vargha-Khadem  and  Dr Chris Clark based in Institute of Child Health
Ramona ECKEL (GCS 2011) is working on Modification Of GABA (A) Receptor Internalisation In Status Epilepticus supervised by Professor Matthew Walker and Professor Josef Kittler  based in Institute of Neurology
Rhiannon EVANS (GCS 2010) is working on The effect of Vitamin D deficiency and replacement therapy on innate and adaptive immune responses supervised by Dr Mahdad Noursadeghi  and  Dr Bernard Khoo based in Infection and Immunity
Plly (Pok-Lam) FUNG (GCS 2011) is working on Genetic Variants As Biomarkers Of Jaw Osteonecrosis Associated With Bisphosphonates supervised by Professor Stephen Porter and Dr Stefano Fedele based in Eastman Dental Institute
Tharindu GANEPOLA (GCS 2013) is working on Parcellation of the human cortex using quantitative MRI supervised by Professor Martin Sereno and Professor Daniel Alexander based in Cognitive, Perception and Brain Sciences
Clare GIBBARD (GCS 2011) is working on Investigation Of The Anatomical Connectivity Of The Amygdala In Autism Using In Vivo Tractography MRI supervised by Dr Chris Clark and Professor David Skuse based in Institute of Child Health
Miguel GONCALVES (GCS 2011) is working on Measurement of transient and chronic hypoxia with magnetic resonance imaging supervised by Dr Simon Walker-Samuel and Dr Mark Lythgoe based in Medicine (CABI)
Leanne GRECH (GCS 2013) is working on Roles of non-coding RNAs for resistance to oxidative damage supervised by Professor Jurg Bahler and Vincent Plagnol based in Biosciences/ Genetics, Evolution & Environment
Nicola GREEN (GCS 2011) is working on Adaptive Immunity To Pneumococcal Proteins supervised by Professor David Goldblatt and Dr Jeremy Brown based in Institute of Child Health
Ben GRIMSHAW (GCS 2010) is working on Follicular Lymphoma therapy by CD19 re-directed adoptive immunotherapy. supervised by Professor David Linch  and  Dr Martin Pule based in Cancer Institute
Francesco GRUSSU (GCS 2012) is working on Axonal density as MR imaging biomarker: from bench to bedside supervised by Dr Claudia AM Wheeler-Kingshott and Dr Daniel Alexander   based in  Dept. of Neuroinflammation, UCL Institute of Neurology [additional project] 
Nejc HABERMAN (GCS 2013) is working on Genome-wide analysis of defects in pre-mRNA processing that cause motor neuron disease supervised by Professor Jernej Ule and Professor Nicolas Luscombe based in Institute of Neurology
Roxanne HACHANI (GCS 2012) is working on Tracking stem cells in tissue-engineered organs using novel magnetic nanoparticles supervised by  Dr Nguyen TK Thanh  and Professor Martin Birchall  based in Ear Institute
Anna HADJIHAMBI (GCS 2013) is working on The role of Connexin-43 in the pathogenesis of liver disease: A systems approach supervised by Professor Rajiv Jalan and Professor David Bogle based in Institute of Hepatology
Claire HALL (GCS 2013) is working on Defining the code controlling the length of 3' untranslated regions of mRNAs in neurodegenerative diseases supervised by Jernej Ule and Professor Nicholas Wood based in Institute of Neurology
Amber HILL (GCS 2011) is working on Developing A New Marker Of Mitochondrial Function In Multiple Sclerosis (MS) And Translating It Into Clinical Applications supervised by Dr Olga Ciccarelli and Professor Ken Smith based in Institute of Neurology
Lone Diana HORLYCK (GCS 2013) is working on Testing a neural-systems model of intrusive imagery in human memory supervised by Professor Neil Burgess and Dr John King based in Institute of Neurology
Jamie Michele KAWADLER (GCS 2011) is working on Imaging Biomarkers Of Neurocognitive Dysfunction In Children With Sickle Cell Disease supervised by Dr Chris Clark  and Prof Fenella Kirkham based in Institute of Child Health
Claire KING (GCS 2011) is working on Neuron-Glia Interaction In The Hippocampus supervised by Dr Christain Henneberger and Professor Dimitri Rusakov based in Institute of Neurology
Jennifer KOENIG (GCS 2011) is working on Identifying Key Genes That Regulate Pain Threshold supervised by Professor John N Wood  and Professor John Hardy  based in Wolfson Institute
Krishna Kalyan KOLLURI (GCS 2011) is working on Synergistic Treatment Of Lung Cancer With Genetically Modified Cell Therapy And Chemotherapy supervised by DrSamuel Janes and DrEmma Morris based in Medicine
Raphael KOSTER (GCS 2011) is working on Signaling Approach Tendencies And Action Values In Dopaminergic Circuitry: A New Framework For Understanding Dysregulated Reward And Novelty Processing In Old Age And Parkinson’s Disease  supervised by Professor Emrah Düzel and Professor Ray Dolan based in Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
Dimitrios KOUTOUKIDIS (GCS 2013) is working on A Cognitive Behavioral Nutrition Intervention for Overweight and Obese Breast and Endometrial Cancer Survivors supervised by Dr Anne Lanceley  and Professor Tish Knobf based in Women's Cancer
Istvan  KOVACS (GCS 2011) is working on Co-ordinating metabolism with cell cycle progression: the role of ubiquitin ligases supervised by Professor Salvador Moncada and Professor Patrick Maxwell based in Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research
Aikaterini LAMPADA (GCS 2011) is working on Targeting Autophagy And Metabolism In Tumours-A Novel Approach supervised by Professor Hochhauser and Professor Salomoni based in Cancer Institute
Camille LANGE (GCS 2010) is working on Population and single genome kinetics driving the evolution of HIV drug resistance supervised by Dr Anna Maria Geretti  and  Prof Deenan Pillay  based in Infection and Immunity
Eleanor Hui-Juan LOH (GCS 2011) is working on Influences Of Reward On Human Attention And Memory supervised by Emrah Duzel and Ray Dolan based in Institute of Neurology
Lise MAGNOLLAY (GCS 2012) is working on Neuromyelitis optica (NMO): identifying imaging markers to improve diagnosis and inform therapeutic innovation  supervised by Dr Olga Ciccarelli and Professor David Miller based in  Brain Repair & Rehabilitation, IoN, UCL Brain Sciences 
Valeria MERCADANTE (GCS 2011) is working on Long Term Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Ofa Novel Intra-Oral Electro-Stimulator For The Treatment Of Radiotherapy-Associated Dry Mouth (The LEONIDA-2 Study) supervised by Professor Stephen Porter and Dr Stefano Fedele based in Eastman Dental Institute
Jessica O'NEILL (GCS 2010) is working on Translational studies of pain supervised by Professor AH Dickenson  and  Dr Giandomenico Iannetti  based in Biosciences
Mary Elizabeth O'SULLIVAN (GCS 2011) is working on Mitochondrial Function In Patients With The Mutation, M.1555A>G, Predisposing To Deafness After Aminoglycoside Antibiotics supervised by Dr Bitner-Glindzicz and Dr Shamima Rahman based in Institute of Child Health
Nina PARMAR (GCS 2011) is working on Cell-Microcarrier Therapy To Restore Continence supervised by Dr Richard Day and Dr Paolo De Coppi

 based in Medicine
Jordana PEAKE (GCS 2011) is working on Prevention Of Neural Tube Defects Within Ethnic Communities In The UK: Pre- Pregnancy Knowledge, Attitudes And Health Behaviour supervised by Dr Jill Shawe and Professor Andrew Copp based in Institute of Women's Health
Fabian PETERS (GCS 2012) is working on Understanding how mitochondrial dysfunction contributes to the symptoms and pathology of multiple sclerosis supervised by  Professor Ken Smith and Professor Michael Duchen based in Department Neuroinflammation, UCL Institute of Neurology 
Georgia PITTS (GCS 2012) is working on Episodic memory and motor skill learning associated with selective brain damage in children with low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) supervised by Professor Faraneh Vargha-Khadem  and  Dr Khalid Hussain  based in  Institute of Child Health - Clinical and Molecular Genetics 
Suryanarayana RAYAPUREDDI (GCS 2011) is working on Role Of The Interleukin-13 (IL-13)/Transforming Growth Factor Beta (Tgfb) Axis In Persistent Scarring Of The Eye supervised by Professor David Abraham and Dr Valerie Saw
 based in Medicine
Julien RECORD (GCS 2010) is working on Changes in time-dependent mechanics of cells: clinical relevance supervised by Professor Adrian Thrasher  and  Dr Guillaume Charras  based in Institute of Child Health
Charlotte SANDERSON (GCS 2010) is working on Preferential looking to eyes and facial attentional bias in extremely preterm children (<30 wk gestation): similarities to and differences from idiopathic autism spectrum disorders (ASD) supervised by Professor David H Skuse  and  Professor Neil Marlow  based in Institute of Child Health
Dimitra SCHIZA (GCS 2013) is working on Understanding mitochondrial metabolism in hypoxic, inflamed brain tissue  supervised by Kenneth Smith and Michael Duchen based in CHIME
Maria  STAVROU (GCS 2011) is working on Retroviral Transfer For A Single Chain Antibody Construct To Generate Regulatory T Cells For The Treatment Of Autoimmunity And Graft Versus Host Disease supervised by Professor Stauss  and Professor Warren Shlomchik based in Infection and Immunity
Omaer SYED (GCS 2011) is working on Bio-Mimetic Scaffolds For Tissue Engineered Constructs supervised by Professor Jonathan Knowles and Dr Richard Day
 based in Eastman Dental Institute
Steven TINSLEY (GCS 2010) is working on To establish the role of mutations in the KIT tyrosine kinase in the pathogenesis, prognosis and therapy of core-binding factor-related acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) supervised by Professor Asim Khwaja  and  Professor Rosemary Gale  based in Cancer Institute
Patxi TORREALDEA (GCS 2010) is working on Detection of glucose uptake in tumours by Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) MRI supervised by Professor Xavier Golay  and  Dr Simon Walker-Samuel based in Institute of Neurology
Cristina VENTERUNI (GCS 2011) is working on Cross-Specialty Genome Wide Association Studies In Ophthalmology, Cerebrovascular Disease And Cognition  supervised by Mr Ananth Viswanathan and Dr Jugnoo Rahi based in Institute of Ophthalmology
Ganesh VIGNESWARAN (GCS 2010) is working on The role of mirror neurons in movement suppression: a combined study in human and monkey supervised by Professor Roger Lemon  and  Professor Patrick Haggard based in Institute of Neurology
Xian WENG JIANG (GCS 2013) is working on The Biology Underpinning Nano-enabled Anti-Metastasis Theranostics supervised by Professor Ijeoma Uchegbu and Dr Nguyen Thanh based in School of Pharmacy
Katherine WOOD (GCS 2011) is working on The Neural Basis Of Auditory Discrimination supervised by Dr Jennifer Bizley and Dr Jennifer Linden based in Ear Institute
Viktor WOTTSCHEL (GCS 2012) is working on Development and validation of machine learning techniques to facilitate diagnosis and predict prognosis in patients with Multiple Sclerosis supervised by Dr Olga Ciccarelli and Professor Daniel Alexander based in Brain Repair & Rehabilitation, IoN, UCL Brain Sciences 
Christopher WRIGHT (GCS 2012) is working on Transcranial pulsed ultrasound stimulation of the brain  supervised by  Dr Nader Saffari  and Professor John Rothwell based in Motor Neuroscience and Movement Disorders 
Rebekah YU (GCS 2010) is working on Cytoprotective mechanisms of erythropoietin and erythropoietin derivatives in peripheral arterial disease supervised by Ms Janice Tsui   and  Professor David Abraham based in Surgery
Yichao YU (GCS 2011) is working on Imaging Neurodegeneration Using High Resolution 3D Micro MRI: From Genotype To Phenotype In Downs Syndrome And Alzheimer's Disease supervised by Dr Mark Lythgoe and Professor Elizabeth Fisher  based in Medicine
Hassan Ali ZABALAWI (GCS 2013) is working on Development of next generation of cochlear prosthesis using nanomposite materials and stem cells technology supervised by Dr Jonathan Gale and Professor Alexander Seifalian based in Ear Institute
Angela  Castellanos (GCS 2014) is working on The next generation of transcatheter heart valves with in-situ endothelisation: a strategy combining stem cell capture with antibodies and drug elution supervised by Prof Ijeoma Uchegbu and Alexander Seifalian based in Surgery and Interventional Science
Soraya  Dunn (GCS 2014 SST) is working on Forming a sensory map: the role of auditory and visual cues in the hippocampal representation of space supervised by Jennifer Bizley and Daniel Bendor based in  Ear Institute 
Chinemelu Ezeh (GCS 2014) is working on Shared Control Wheelchair Interfaces supervised by Catherine Holloway and Tom Carlson based in IOMS
Moritz Herle (GCS 2014) is working on Using social media big data to understand the genetic and environmental aetiology of mental health and disorder in emerging adulthood supervised by Dr Oliver Davis and Dr Sebastian Riedel based in Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment
Adrian Hodel (GCS 2014) is working on Real-time and nanometre-scale visualisation of membrane perforation in pathogen attack and immune response supervised by Bart Hoogenboom and Helen Saibil based in Research Department of Structural and Molecular Biology
Alexandros Kanellopoulos (GCS 2014 Wellcome Grant) is working on Monogenic human pain disorders: gene identification and characterization using mouse models supervised by Professor John N Wood and Dr James J Cox based in Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research, Department of Experimental Medicine
Mahria Alina Khatana (GCS 2014) is working on Improving women’s choice and uptake of effective contraceptive methods through development of interactive digital interventions supervised by Judith Stephenson and Ann Blandford based in IfWH, Department of Reproductive Health
Jiawei Li (GCS 2014) is working on Immune mechanisms in Developmental Programming of Non-Alchoholic Fatty Liver Disease supervised by Dr Jude Oben and Professor Tessa Crompton based in Institute for Liver & Digestive Health 
Alina Matis (GCS 2014) is working on Origins of cortico-subthalamic “hyperdirect” pathway in the motor cortex: electrophysiology and imaging supervised by Dr Alexander Kraskov and Professor Daniel Alexander based in Sobell Department of Motor Neuroscience and Movement Disorders, UCL Institute of Neurology
Otto Meyer (GCS 2014) is working on Calcium channel trafficking, nociceptive neurotransmission and mechanism of action of gabapentinoid drugs in mouse models of neuropathic pain supervised by Professor Annette Dolphin and Professor John Wood based in FLS/Biosciences/NPP
Ione Meyer (GCS 2014 MRC) is working on tbc [4 year programme in which students chose their project in year 2] supervised by tbc and tbc based in Institute of Neurology 
Anna Maria Ranzoni (GCS 2014) is working on Human amniotic fluid-derived induced pluripotent stem cells for the treatment of osteogenesis imperfecta supervised by Pascale V Guillot and Timothy Arnett based in Institute for Women's Health
Matthieu Recugnat (GCS 2014 SST) is working on Modulating auditory nerve fibers channels dynamics to optimize electrical stimulation in the cochlea supervised by tbc and tbc based in Ear Institute
Prasanth Sivakumar (GCS 2014 MRC) is working on tbc [4 year programme in which students chose their project in year 2] supervised by tbc and tbc based in Institute of Neurology 
Charlotte Stoner (GCS 2014 PRIDE Grant) is working on The development and evaluation of positive psychology outcome measures for people with dementia supervised by Dr Aimee Spector and Professor Martin Orrell based in Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology
Christopher Tie (GCS 2014) is working on Retroviral restriction factors that control species-specific gene regulation and stem cell fate supervised by Helen M Rowe and Greg Towers based in Infection and Immunity
Tobias Weinrich (GCS 2014 SST) is working on Resolving retinal inflammation by improving mitochondrial function and increasing ATP production using light in vivo supervised by Prof Glen Jeffery and Prof Kenneth Smith based in Ophthalmology

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