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Provost UCL Campaign

UCL launches £600m philanthropy campaign  

UCL is aiming to raise £600m for cutting-edge research, transformative capital projects and expanded student support in a new fundraising and engagement campaign, It’s All Academic – The Campaign for UCL, launched today in London. More...

UCL's Cruciform building

UCL receives largest share of NHS research funding

UCL’s three biomedical research centres (BRCs) have won more than £167 million in funding from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to further world-leading biomedical research conducted with partner hospitals. UCL has received more funding than any other UK university, followed by King's College London and Oxford University, which received £133m and £127m respectively.


E-cigarettes may have helped 18,000 people quit smoking in 2015

E-cigarettes may have helped about 18,000 people in England to give up smoking in 2015, according to new research by UCL which was published in the British Medical Journal. More...

David Price

Vice-Provost (Research) to chair new Forum for Responsible Metrics

A new Forum for Responsible Metrics, to be chaired by Professor David Price, UCL Vice-Provost (Research), will bring together research funders, sector bodies and infrastructure experts to promote the responsible use of research metrics.

DNA and radiation

Study reveals how ionising radiation damages DNA and causes cancer

For the first time, a team including UCL researchers has identified in human cancers two characteristic patterns of DNA damage caused by ionising radiation. These fingerprint patterns may now enable doctors to identify which tumours have been caused by radiation, and investigate if they should be treated differently. More...


27 September, 2016From primate anatomy to human neuroimaging: Linking circuits to psychiatric disease and neurotherapeutic targets
27 September, 2016The work of the NC3Rs and the opportunities it provides to scientists
28 September, 2016On the Design of Personal Health Technologies for Mental Disorder
28 September, 2016WIBR Cafe Seminar: Panoramic views into higher visual processing in the mouse
5 October, 2016Institute of Neurology Postdoc Seminar - title tbc
5 October, 2016Signaling Cygnets- Athena SWAN sharing knowledge and practice
5 October, 2016WIBR Cafe Seminar: Motor command neurons and their microcircuits: Dissecting the reticular formation
6 October, 2016Cognition and grey matter in MS: What did we learn from the GM project
6 October, 2016UCL Synaptopathies Symposium
7 October, 2016Brain meeting - tbc
11 October, 2016ALS Seminar: Axonal function of splicing factors in motor development and neurodegeneration
11 October, 2016Careers Across the Science Spectrum - Division of Infection & Immunity Showcase Event 2016
12 October, 2016UCL RoAR (Replacement of Animals in Research) Forum
13 October, 2016Neural interfaces for the brain and spinal cord
14 October, 2016Brain meeting - Navigation and representations of space in the retrosplenial cortex
14 October, 2016The dynamic structure of cognition: If space was time
17 October, 2016Using human stem cell models to understand motor neuron development and disease: creative destruction
18 October, 2016UCL Clinical Prize Lecture 2016: end of the HIV epidemics - how far are we?
20 October, 2016Intrinsic optical changes in mammalian nerve terminals (and dense core vesicles as calcium amplifiers)
20 October, 2016Queen Square Uroneurology Course
21 October, 2016Brain meeting - tbc
21 October, 2016Slade Print Fair 2016
2 November, 2016Institute of Neurology Postdoc Seminar - Phenotypic screen of motor neurons carrying different ALS mutations - are there common pathways between different ALS mutations?
4 November, 2016Otto Wolff Neuroscience Symposium
7 November, 2016Save the date - UCL Personalised Medicine Early Careers Network launch event
8 November, 2016ALS Seminar: ALS and the corticospinal system
8 November, 2016UCL Infection, Immunology and Inflammation (III) Symposium 2016
10 November, 2016New perspectives on post-stroke fatigue
18 November, 2016Health Economics at UCL
21 November, 2016New insights into rare muscle glycogen storage disorders
22 November, 2016Sports cognition: Exploring the cognition of elite sporting performance and the cognitive consequences of sports-related brain injury
25 November, 2016Brain meeting - tbc
2 December, 2016Brain meeting - tbc
7 December, 2016Institute of Neurology Postdoc Seminar - title tbc
9 December, 2016Brain meeting - A distributed, hierarchical, and recurrent framework for reward-based choice
9 December, 2016Brain meeting - tbc
13 December, 2016ALS Seminar: Title tbc
22 February, 20173rd Digital Behaviour Change Conference 2017

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