Professor Grant Lewison

Professor Grant Lewison - ciber director, bibliometrics and research evaluation

Research interests and expertise

Science policy, especially in biomedical research, and the use of quantitative methods in research evaluation.


Grant was originally trained as a mechanical engineer and experimental hydrodynamicist at the University of Cambridge, and then spent two years at the University of California, Berkeley, before joining the Civil Service as a scientist. He worked on ship motions research for many years before switching to science policy in 1981. At the Department of Trade and Industry, he was responsible for policy for assisting small firms with technological development, civil use of military and nuclear technology, and the Research Associations. He worked for four years in the European Commission in Brussels, advising on research evaluation and began his studies in bibliometrics. On his return to the UK he worked for two years for a small consultancy firm, and carried out evaluations, particularly of international fellowship and scholarship schemes, and some bibliometric studies.

In 1993 he joined the Wellcome Trust to design and manage the Research Outputs Database (ROD). Since then he has carried out many consultancy assignments in bibliometrics and written about 40 papers. At the end of 2000, the ROD was transferred to City University on contract from the Trust, and Grant moved with it on secondment. He is now visiting Professor in the Information Science department and continues to direct the ROD project, while concentrating on consultancy studies and the development of new bibliometric techniques for research evaluation and management.

Contact details

E-mail: Professor Grant Lewison
Telephone: 020 7040 0214