Slade Technology Fayre

Slade Research Centre, Woburn Square Thursday 7th May 5-9pm

note: now evening only. Venue open all day for install. Call 07976585807 for access Loosely modeled around the format of a science fair, Slade Technology Fayre is an informal non-hierarchical event, which seeks to gather skills and experience into the school and escalate the conversation surrounding work that makes use of technology. At the Fayre all participants are both teachers and learners. For people used to presenting work in a critical context this is an opportunity to take a step back and share information about the often-invisible activities happening in the computer. For those less engaged with a critical sphere, the Fayre is an opportunity to get involved in a discussion about how the work is operating critically as well as technically Fayre Timetable

There will be artists showing projects throughout the space all night. Below are the timetabled talks workshops and performances.

All talks in 20 min slots


Arrive – Drinks


Implementation of Google maps API- demonstration- Amanda
Sound reactive visuals with Processing- Talk/ Workshop Oliver Ruellet
Generative Visuals with Ruby- Talk/Workshop Tim Grimshaw


Musion holographic projection system- Artists who have used the system talk about their experience with Olive Grigrich from Musion
Arduino for artists (e.g. attaching sensors to a computer) demonstration by Tinker.it
Video mixing performance and workshop with new hardware mixer VIXID- Mat Houtellain


Graffiti Research lab- demonstration of open source technologies for urban communication
Live coding performance- Dave Griffiths
Audio-Visual performance using an array of sensors responsive to physical movements- Ryan Jordan

Other artists include:

Steven Dickie, Joe Graham, Patricia Townsend, Thomas Qualman, Tine Bech, Georgia Chatzivasileiadi, Joe Clark, Paul Magee, Kjartan Abel

Its a Fayre, so of course you can bring something along. Drop me a line or turn up on the day with your stuff.

Email: joe.clark.x@gmail.com with FAYRE in the subject to get involved. All welcome.