Slade School of Fine Art



This 2-week course will introduce common methods used in the construction of cast, modelled, and constructed sculpture.

Who should take the Introduction to Sculpture short course?

  • Anyone with an interest in sculpture, installation, performance, and looking to work with both experimental and traditional techniques.
  • Beginners and improvers looking to gain an understanding of mould-making and casting.
  • Students looking to develop their fine art portfolio in order to apply for study at foundation or degree level.
  • Those wanting to experience a dynamic studio culture and take part in group discussion of artworks.
  • Those who have previously taken Portraiture: A New Perspective short course who wish to translate their techniques into 3D.
  • This course is also suitable for anyone looking to combine 2D elements with 3D sculpture, installation, or performance.
  • Those who are planning on taking Casting from Life and Artefactsand would like to apply these techniques to larger installations, and/or produce a fine art portfolio from their works.

This course includes:

  • Practical workshops
  • Wax, alginate, plaster, clay, and cement carving, modelling, and casting
  • Free-form mixed media sculpting techniques (including metal), mass-building, and fixing techniques
  • Basic woodworking and tool inductions
  • Advice on performing with materials, documenting performances, and personalised consultation for realising sculpture/performance projects (logistical and theoretical)
  • Individual tutorials
  • Group discussions and culminating group critique
  • Portfolio consultation for Fine Art applications as well as advice on documentation of sculpture/performance works
  • UCL Art Gallery visit (+ special collections)
  • A visit to the new UCL Donor Wall sculpture and introduction to bronze casting logistics (Note: bronze casting does not take place on this course)