Slade School of Fine Art


  • I was looking for something new in my professional development. I felt a bit stuck and I needed a challenge and some inspiration. Now I can say this course was the right choice for me. It was very well organised, intensive study. My artistic experiences and attachments to mediums, techniques, scale, understanding of painting, were pushed and challenged intellectually and professionally. I was encouraged to incorporate many new methods and techniques, as well as views on my painting process and painting in general. The interaction with the fellow artists from all over the world gave me a deeper awareness of the meaning of creativity and art. —BirutÄ— Nomeda, 2017
  • The course really challenged the thinking around my existing practice. It kind of threw everything I valued up in the air in a very exciting way, and encouraged me to ask questions and take risks in a safe and supportive environment. The quality of the teaching was outstanding and thoroughly inspiring. It has energised my practice, giving me not only a renewed focus in the studio, but the confidence to apply to study at postgraduate level. I had a truly enjoyable and rewarding painting experience. —Jayne Cooper, 2017
  • The course was a wonderful experience. It gave me back my confidence as a painter, and helped me to position myself differently in relation to my work. I went back to painting after a couple of years of uncertainty; the course encouraged me to be more experimental and playful, introducing different surfaces and even sculptures, printing from plaster casts directly onto the canvas.
    I really enjoyed collaboration with other students, as well as curating and presenting work in our studios and project space, looking at these together as a group and asking questions of painting in a contemporary context. I developed a body of work during and after the course, inspired by marine fossil remains, that has helped me to prepare for my first solo exhibition planned early next year. —Violet Kulewska, 2017
  • The Slade summer school experience was exciting and invigorating. The enthusiastic tutors used individual and open group discussions, as well as material experimentation sessions to introduce new ideas. Through this I discovered subject matter that was latent in my work. As a consequence I have shifted my work from figurative painting into a new visual exploration of biological science. The lecture series and opportunities to collaborate with other artists enriched the experience and have encouraged me to submit my work to new exhibition spaces.—Mary Clancy, 2017
  • The course helped me explore aspects of my painting practice which are rarely addressed outside formal art education. I felt that it gave me a unique opportunity to engage in the relevant contemporary discourses around painting, without losing focus on the process and product itself.  I found its unique emphasis on exhibition to be not only particularly relevant in the contemporary art context, but also a highly generative approach which has inspired and stimulated my subsequent work and research. I particularly enjoyed exploring the flatness of the painted surface and interfaces between the painting and its physical as well as theoretical contexts, which I have been actively researching in my work ever since. —Joanna Marriott, 2016
  • I found the course very helpful and it has directly contributed to a positive change to my practice. Whilst on the course, which was attended by a wide range of artists from around the world, we were   encouraged to try new processes and methods of working. We were given sanction to experiment, challenge and reflect on our current practice and strategies. There was extensive collaboration with other students and ample opportunities for group crits as well as curating & presenting our work at internal exhibitions. The experience has given me the confidence to pursue an arts masters degree programme. I am now undertaking the postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts course at Chelsea College. —Farrukh Akbar 2015
  • Attending the course allowed me to challenge my current practice while exploring the use of exhibition as a tool to deepen my process and drive work rather than conclude as a final destination. This made significant changes to the way I approach my practice and as our group integrated into a shared exhibition space that concurrently served as our studio, we pursued our individual work alongside our peers and drew upon collective participation to reflect back into to our own work. After the course I was deeply inspired to continue this conversation and I created a virtual exhibition space called 011 Gallery.  —Kathleen Weber 2015
  • I went on the course needing a space to reflect on and expand my painting practice before the final year of a Fine Art BA. The course’s particular approach, applied through a framework of group discussions, exercises, intensive solo studio work, and one to one tutorials, for me unlocked ways of thinking about and approaching painting, that now feel intrinsic to my practice today. The course also gave me ways of accessing my inquiry into specific subject matter and concerns that I am still working through three years later. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. —Patricia Mulligan 2014