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Listen here to the ongoing series of radio programs made by The Slade Occupation for Resonance 104.4fm. The program is a platform for people’s audio artworks, music, current affairs features, talking, readings and other miscellaneous sounds, and represents a weekly aural glimpse into the inner workings of the school. The program is broadcast every Tuesday afternoon at 5.00pm and also streamed online. Listen live online at the Resonance 104.4fm website. Click on the play icons below for a download option.


Slade Transmissions 14/6/11

Claire and Tom set off to talk on the phone. Alan misses his fishes. People are told to get out of Wimbledon. The show is then massively hijacked by Tom’s trip to Croydon. Wind. Vibrant. Damp Coconuts.

Slade Transmissions 7/2/11

This Tuesday at 5 o’clock is cheese o’clock: A cheesy study into cheesy music with Dante Rendle Traynor.


Slade Transmissions 31/5/11

Vanessa Visual and Virginia Verbal take you on an ekphrastic tour of Charleston House in East Sussex where Vanessa and Clive Bell and Duncan Grant lived and worked.

Slade Transmissions 24/5/11

In a follow-up to the 22nd of March program, Ellen Kim and Will Saunders discuss issues surrounding art school admissions policies, fees, and seminars.

Slade Transmissions 17/5/11

What do you get when you mix Howlin’ Wolf, Tom Rees, Dante Rendle Traynor, Nick Hart, music, politics, Arthur Prior, Dantella, writing, Ambar Sethi, laughter, Will Saunders, and backwards? This.

Slade Transmissions 11/5/11

Helen C Benigson Aka Princess Belsize Dollar and special guest Mosie talk about love, music and everything in between.

Slade Transmissions 3/5/11

Will Saunders and Dante Rendle Traynor discuss the practice of ‘gibberish’.


Slade Transmissions 26/4/11

Bill McCool presents tracks from his ‘Concentrated’ collection. Produced by Will Saunders

Slade Transmissions 19/4/11

slade transmissions tom clark and claire boyd SPICY EYEBALLS dante sudocrem elephants funny irony sincerity idiotic downright cheeky jingle.. (Part 2)

Slade Transmissions 12/4/11

slade transmissions tom clark and claire boyd SPICY EYEBALLS dante sudocrem elephants funny irony sincerity idiotic downright cheeky jingle.. (Part 1)

Slade Transmissions 5/4/11

A bunged up Ian Chan breathes for half an hour.


Slade Transmissions 29/3/11

Lecture/performance given by artist Merlin Carpenter at The Slade, with ‘interventions’ by students at the school.

Slade Transmissions 22/3/11

Short stories, skits, rants, laments and jingles. With coverage from the UCL occupation of the registry and the UCU strike. Written, read and produced by Nina Prader, Tom Rees, Ambar Sethi, Harriet Poznansky, Arthur Prior, Zou Zhoa, Michael Lewis and an anonymous caller.

Slade Transmissions 15/3/11

Helen C Benigson Aka Princess Belsize Dollar presents a program on love, life and everything in between and plays some of her favourite music.

Slade Transmissions 1/3/11

Aaron Angell presents: ‘Unknown artists, unknown tracks’.


Slade Transmissions 22/2/11

Will Saunders reads his controversial ‘Thoughts on Art School’, followed by an absurdist Resonance FM studio improvisation by Slade students. Produced by Dante Rendle Traynor.

Slade Transmissions 15/2/11

Special feature on the ‘Platform 1’ event held at The Bloomsbury Theatre on the 2nd/3rd of February. Featuring work by Ellen Kim, Tom Clark, Lily Hawkes, Sophie Rose Askwith, Tom Rees and Jennifer Martin, along with “technical commentary” featuring Eve, Steve and Andreas. Produced by Dante Rendle Traynor and Tom Clark.

Slade Transmissions 8/2/11

Coverage of the ‘Arts Against Cuts’ British Museum teach in and work made by and given to Slade students. With Simon Werner, Gamaliel Rendle Traynor’s quartet, Claire Boyd, Dante Rendle Traynor, The Voolas, Tom Rees and The Golden Boys. Produced by Dante Rendle Traynor.


Slade Transmissions 25/1/11

Coverage of the continuing student demonstrations in the new year and work made by and given to Slade students. With ‘Ben’, Simon Werner, The Versatile Dreamers, eccentric performer Hugh Hughes, The Golden Boys, Laura Cooper, Tom Rees, Dante Rendle Traynor and Gamaliel Rendle Traynor. Produced by Dante Rendle Traynor.


Slade Transmissions 15/12/10

Recorded and produced inside the Slade occupation.

Coverage of the Slade occupation, the student demonstrations and work made by Slade staff and students inside the occupation. With Gary Woodley, Lauren Godfrey, Claire Boyd, RCA Students, Dante Rendle Traynor, Sharon Morris, Aaron Angell and Sophie Rose Askwith. Also featuring The Slade School re-performing Slade’s 1973 festive hit ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’. Produced by Dante Rendle Traynor.

Slade Transmissions 8/12/10

Recorded and produced inside the Slade occupation.

Intimate coverage of the Slade School Of Fine Art going into occupation and the student movement behind it. With Tom Clark, Sophie Lee, Mark MacGowan, Aaron Angell, Alex Springer, Dante Rendle Traynor and Tom Rees. Produced by Dante Rendle Traynor.

, Tuesday, 22 February 2011
Events, News, Works

How Much Did This Lot Cost? | Claire Boyd

How Much Did This Lot Cost (0:58)

Not the point.

, Thursday, 27 January 2011

Feeding Song of the Nude Bolognaise Preparation Ceremony | Dante Rendle Traynor

Feeding Song of the Nude Bolognaise Preparation Ceremony (4:39)

Rare field recording from Flat 5, 49 Gray’s Inn Road in Central London.

, Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Soho Calls | Laura Cooper

Soho Calls (5.15)

The name “Soho” derives from an old English hunting call, an adaption of ‘Seeho’ which in old hunting lingo means ‘seen a hare’. In Soho calls, six female performers re-enact a hunt, communicating with their voices alone and the non-linguistic sounds of ancient hunting calls. A sound arrangement develops in the public space of Soho, specifically up and around Rupert St, which leads to Berwick street and market. The hunting calls are juxtaposed with the pre-existing urban sound environment and creating an alternative kind of hunting ritual.

Laura is in the postgraduate media department at the Slade.

, Monday, 10 January 2011

Merry Xmas Everybody! | The Slade Occupation

Staff and students during the Slade Occupation perform a version of Slade’s 1973 festive hit, ‘Merry Xmas Everybody!’

Click on the play button below to download the track:
Merry Xmas Everybody! (3:46)

With the permission and encouragement of Noddy Holder and management.

, Friday, 10 December 2010

Success | Claire Boyd

Success (0:52)

Soundtrack from a virtual fight.

Claire is in the undergraduate Media department at the Slade.

, Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Lost | Lauren Godfrey

Lost (1:47)

This work was made while the artist was on exchange in Finland, lost in a forest and with no means of communication.

Lauren is in the undergraduate Sculpture department at the Slade.

, Saturday, 27 November 2010
Travel, Works

Experiment for a Monument | Holly Slingsby


The work is called Experiment for a Monument and is was made for FEM 10 festival in Girona, Spain, 2010.
All images by Gresol / Ana Rita Rodrigues.

“I walk the length of the street folding sheets of A4 into paper aeroplanes. I hold them up to the sky, but instead of throwing them, let them fall to the pavement.”

Duration: ten minutes.

Holly graduated from the Slade MFA in 2010, Degree Show website.
For further information and work see

, Saturday, 31 July 2010

Soundtrack for a small exhibition | Aaron Angell

Soundtrack for a small exhibition

The artist describes several SF films from memory.

For further information, see

, Thursday, 8 July 2010

From Neurotica to Antarctica | Simon Werner

Track One

Track Two

Track Three

Track Four

Four part ambient metal odyssey.

, Tuesday, 27 April 2010

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