DIMINISHED 7th v1.1  
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Following the success of Diminished 7th v1.0 as part of Arts Transpennine 2003, we have reworked this generative music system as part of The Lost O; an exhibition of works in and around the town of Ashford as Tour de France 2007 passes through en-route to Canterbury.
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Ten tuned sheepbells designed to create the C minor diminished 7th chord lie at the centre of this generative music system. By attaching each bell to a sheep and grazing this small flock alongside this year's first stage route, a potentially infinite variety of generative musical outcomes can be created that respond in a direct and extremely sophisticated manner to the location within which they are installed.

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For centuries, European farmers have used cow and sheep bells as a means to locate cattle left to graze unenclosed land. By re-contextualising this technology in the Kent countryside, and by utilising chord structures associated with Jazz music, we hope to focus on the potential for such sheepbell installations to make their salient contribution to the generative music community in the wake of such historical precendents set by artists like John Cage and the Fluxus movement.

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