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[GMT-7] San Jose, California
[GMT+13] Kingdom of Tonga


August 8th. Today the system never went offline and while I've not heard anything from Justin, I am hopeful that the internet connectivity issues have now been resolved. Right now quite... more>

August 7th. Today was pretty quiet; we went offline at 11:10 and 17:35 but Justin was out of the office each time so I just power-cycled the router and it came back up. I biked into town briefly at lunchtime... more>


August 6th. Hi Jon & Ali, Glad to hear from you, and thanks for all the updates. All good. This afternoon I went for a ride out past the tree of sleeping bats to Oholei Beach on the East coast. So...the gallery's... more>

August 5th. hi guys, Hope the sleeping and eating is doing you well. i've just been to church and enjoyed immersion in that odd mix of cultures that it is. The internet was up until i left at 9:45 am but... more>

August 4th. We cross the international dateline in the characteristic haze of a night flight and have reclaimed August 4th in the blinking of an eye... more>

August 4th. The first leg of our journey to California is disrupted by fog in Aukland so we are diverted to Wellington for six hours while we wait for the skies to clear... more>

August 3rd. We have spent the day, manually rebooting our microwave receiver everytime the connection is dropped and this has insured we have maintained a good connection between the sensor... more>

August 2nd. Is it up or is it down? Our 'improved' network continues to keep dropping its connection and no-one seems to know why! Our contact Marc has been more than helpful here but we... more>

August 1st. Our new 'improved' internet is teething. When it's on, it is much better than before and will really make the light panel in San Jose more responsive to light changes in Tonga. Unfortunately for us... more>

July 31st. With the storms subsiding and the rain thinning we decide it's time to take a day by the sea. We head for Monotapu beach on what turns out to be the windy west coast. Our taxi driver speaks to us in ... more>

July 30th. The first real test of our light sensor's durability came last night with the arrival of torrential downpours across the island. This also coincided with complete loss of internet access only... more>

July 29th. The active volcanic island of Tofua, where the mutiny on the Bounty is said to have taken place is a short flight from Nuku'alofa by sea-plane. Everything seems to be broadcasting correctly... more>

July 28th. more>

July 27th. Another day spent chatting with California courtesy of a TCC phone card. We finally have a more stable link established with the light box itself and have placed the light sensor in... more>

July 26th. We are having network problems and so spend the day monitoring communications between tomorrow and today. At around 7.20pm today in San Jose (July 25th) we lose contact... more>

July 25th. "Hi David, I managed to log on remotely. It's taken about 8 mins to get this far though. I will try and find a faster connection and install software then. Great to make contact this way though... more>

July 24th. Life is slipping back to normal as the official mourning of the lost royals comes to an end. We spend the morning trying to find cable to extend the range of our light sensor in relation to... more>

July 23rd. Sunday is a day of rest and only the churches are open for business. Of course it's Saturday in San Jose and so we press on with preliminary tests on our light sensing device and also make... more>

July 22nd. Things may be looking up. Our lost bag has been traced and arrived on Tongatapu island this morning. So with all our equipment with us again we have begun running some tests. The light sensor... more>

July 21st. Day breaks with sub-tropical precision at 7am. We are in the second of five days of mourning here in tomorrow's kingdom. Not for our lost bag but for the kings's cousin and wife killed in... more>

July 20th. We have safely arrived in tomorrow and The Kingdom of Tonga but with half our luggage lost during transit in Los Angeles airport. A major power cut in the vicinity knocked out airport... more>

On July 18th, British born artists Thomson & Craighead set out from London to The Kingdom of Tonga to set up a broadcast of daylight readings sent across the International Dateline from tomorrow to today more>