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2017 Recruitment Gone Wrong. The New Observatory, FACT, Liverpool
2017 Here. Control Room. Aberdeen Wall. Look Again, Peacock Arts, Aberdeen.
2017 Triggerhappy. I Want I Want! Art & Technology. Birmingham City Art Gallery
2017 Triggerhappy. Looking at one thing and thinking of something else. Carroll/Fletcher, London
2017 Horizon. Realtime, Lo Pati Centre D'Art Terres De L'Ebre, Spain
2017 Solo exhibition. Wake me up when it's over. Young Projects Gallery, West Hollywood
2017 Decorative Newsfeeds. Looking at one thing and thinking of something else. Carroll/Fletcher, London
2017 Six years of Mondays. BEACON. Glut: Images, Information and Excess. Holden Gallery, Manchester

2016 Template Cinema.Looking at one thing and thinking of something else. Carroll/Fletcher, London
2016 Stutterer. Monsters of the Machine, LABoral Centro de Arte y Creacion Industrial, Spain
2016 A temporary index. Perpetual Uncertainty, Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden
2016 Stutterer. Sanger Institute, Cambridge
2016 A temporary index. Material Nuclear Culture, KARST, Plymouth
2016 Party Booby Trap. Solo exhibition, Carroll/Fletcher, London
2016 Horizon. Real Time, Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona
2016 More Songs of Innocence And Of Experience. Electronic Superhighway, Whitechapel Gallery, London

2015 London Wall. Horizon. Big Bang Data, Somerset House, London
2015 Stutterer. Corruption. Right Here Right Now, The Lowry, Salford
2015 A short film about war. Art in an age of asymmetrical warfare, Witte de With, Rotterdam
2015 Here. The Line Sculpture trail, London (coming soon....)
2015 A short film about war. Worlds in Contradiction, Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck
2015 More Songs of Innocence and of Experience. Exposition L'appartement, Paris
2015 Horizon. Out There #2, Fenixloods, Rotterdam
2015 Flipped Clock. Signals: 24/7, International Film Festival Rotterdam
2015 The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order. How to Construct a Time Machine, Milton Keynes Gallery

2014 More Songs of Innocence and Of Experience. It's not me it's you, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
2014 Stutterer, LifeSpace Gallery, University of Dundee
2014 The Nam June Paik Award 2014, Haus Lange, Krefeld
2014 Horizon. Thingworld, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
2014 Voyager (Micromegas). Micromegas powers of 10, Pier Arts Centre, Orkney

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2014 BEACON. Painters and Poets, City Museum of Ljubljana, Slovenia
2014 BEACON. The Art of Data, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Colorado
2014 Hello World. Five year long commission, Shrewsbury Musuem and Art Gallery
2014 October, Video Container: Museum as Method, MOCA North Miami
2014 Decorative Newsfeeds. City Quays (Quays Culture), Salford.
2014 Maps DNA and Spam. Solo exhibition, Dundee Contemporary Arts
2014 October, GlobalActivism, Zentrum Kunst Media, Karlsruhe

2013 Not Even the Sky. Solo exhibition. MEWO Kunsthaller, Memmingen
2013 Voyager (Micromegas). Micromegas powers of 10, Impact 8 print festival, Dundee
2013 Flat Earth Trilogy. Taigh Chearsabhagh, Lochmaddy, North Uist
2013 Solo exhibition. Carroll/Fletcher, London
2013 Belief. Video Dumbo, Eyebeam, New York
2013 Belief. Dunvegan Castle, Isle of Skye
2013 A short film about War. Videonale 14, Bonn, Germany

2012 October, Brighton Photobiennial 2012, Brighton. Commissioned by Photoworks
2012 Decorative Newsfeeds, Paraphrasing Babel, Heerlen, Netherlands.
2012 More Songs of Innocence and of Experience, Our Mutual Friends, Film & Video Umbrella, London
2012 Belief. Vital Spark 2011/2012, Creative Scotland. Inspace, Edinburgh

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2012 A short film about War, Image Counter Image, Haus der Kunst Munich
2012 Live portrait of Tim Berners-Lee (an early warning system). National Media Museum, UK
2012 Several Interruptions & Flipped Clock. Mirror Neurons, National Glass Centre, Sunderland
2012 Flat Earth. Alt-w shortcuts, The Travelling Gallery, Scotland.
2012 e-poltergeist relaunch. revueBleuOrange 05, Montreal, Canada
2012 London Wall (N4). Being Social, Furtherfield Gallery, London
2012 Horizon & A short film about War. The Samsung Art Prize, British Film Institute Southbank, London

2011 A short film about War, Rencontres Internationales, Centre Pompidou & Gaîté Lyrique, Paris
2011 Solo Exhibition. Watermael Station & La Venerie, Brussels
2011 Google tea towels. Tomorrow Never Dies. Design Gallery – BWA Wroclaw, Poland
2011 The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order. Concretely Immaterial,
2011 Highland Institute of Contemporary Art, Scotland & grey) (area, Korcrla, Croatia
2011 A short film about War, Rooftop films, New York
2011 Flipped Clock. Solo exhibition (netart), Berkeley Art Museum, California
2011 Tallin Wall and BEACON. Gateways, Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
2011 Template Cinema. Centre International d'Art Contemporain de Montreal, Canada
2011 Here. The Mini Museum. A travelling museum originating from Madrid, Spain
2011 The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order. Flatpack Festival, Eastside Projects, Birmingham
2011 The distance travelled through our solar system this year and all the barrels of oil remaining
2011 Current Experiment, Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston, UK
2011 A Short Film about War. X Freundschaftsanfragen, Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Germany
2011 Unprepared Piano. Cloud Sounds, NiMK, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2011 The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order. Several Interruptions, UCL, London
2011 A Short Film about War, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Netherlands

        Speaking in Tongues             

2010 Solo exhibition. Highland Institute of Contemporary Art (H-I-C-A), Scotland
2010 Several Interruptions. Urban Video Project, Syracuse, New York,
2010 BEACON. Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh.
2010 London Wall. Museum of London.
2010 Ghosts. Dead Fingers Talk: The Tape Experiments of William S. Burroughs, IMT Gallery, London.
2010 Flat Earth. Subjective Projections, Bielefelder Kunstverein, Germany
2010 Flat Earth. The City & the Stars, Film Lounge, Stills Gallery, Edinburgh
2010 A Short Film about War. MyWar, FACT Liverpool & Touring.
2010 Decorative Newsfeeds. Trust in an Age of Lonliness, British Council, London
2010 A Short Film about War, Solo exhibition, essay by Lisa LeFeuvre. Animate Projects, UK
2010 Horizon (print). as arranged, PS project space , Amsterdam
2010 Attributed Text, Weightless, My_Contacts. NETScopio, MEIAC, Spain

2009 Several Interruptions. Special commission for Arts Council of England new website
2009 Horizon, Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands
2009 Interviewed on BBC1's Art in Troubled Times, Imagine series
2009 A Short Film about War, Inspace, Edinburgh
2009 Flat Earth. Landscape 2.0, Edith Russ, Oldenberg
2009 A universal machine for testing everything. Sound Escapes, Space, London
2009 A universal machine for testing everything. They told you so, Bitforms, New York
2009 A Short Film about War, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow
2009 Flat Earth. English Lounge, Tang Contemporary, Beijing
2009 Decorative Newsfeeds. Flicker, British Council Collection exhibition, Damascus
2009 BEACON. Friends of the Divded Mind, Royal College of Art, London
2009 Horizon & BEACON. Timecode, Dundee Contemporary Arts
2009 Flat Earth. Rotterdam International Film Festival, Holland

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2008 Flat Earth. 25th Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival, Kassel
2008 Decorative Newsfeeds (Gallery version), & BEACON, Moderna Museet, Stockholm
2008 Unprepared Piano, Untethered, Eyebeam, New York
2008 Flat Earth. Soho Shorts, London
2008 Flat Earth. Multichannel, Artsway, UK
2008 Flat Earth. O1SJ Future Films, Zero1 Festival, San Jose, California
2008 BEACON. The New Normal, Artists Space, New York & Touring
2008 My_Contacts, Signals, Flat Earth. Futuresonic, Manchester
2008 Flat Earth. AV 08 Festival, Newcastle
2008 Decorative Newsfeeds (Outdoors), The Junction, Cambridge

2007 Flat Earth. Video Vortex 2, Montevideo, Netherlands Design Institute, Amsterdam
2007 Google tea towels, Decorative Newsfeeds. Multiplicities, ARC projects, Sofia
2007 Flat Earth. Animate Projects first broadcast 02/12/07, Channel 4 Television.
2007 Flat Earth. Screening at Whitechapel Gallery, London
2007 Flat Earth. Preview screenings; Encounters Festival, Bristol and Aurora Festival, Norwich
2007 BEACON. NETworking, The Haifa Museum, Israel
2007 BEACON as railway flap-sign, FACT, Liverpool.
2007 Diminished 7th v1.1, The LostO, Ashford, Kent
2007 Decorative Newsfeeds (Gallery version), Accumulated Outlook, Oakville Gallery, Canada
2007 BEACON as railway flap-sign, BFI, London.
2007 BEACON projected version, My Own Private Reality, Edith Russ Space, Oldenburg, Germany
2007 Short Films about Flying. Feedback, Laboral Gallery, Gijon, Spain
2007 Decorative Newsfeeds (Gallery version). Faith in Exposure, Montevideo, Amsterdam
2007 Short Films about Nothing. After Neurath, Stroom, The Hague, Netherlands
2007 Triggerhappy & Short Films about Flying. Digital Aesthetic 2, Harris Musuem, Preston
2007 London, New Climates weblog curated by Shane Brennan

BEACON (Gallery version)   Short Films about Flying   Weather Gauge   Light from tomorrow   Unprepared Piano   Shopping   Triggerhappy   Decorative News (Forest Hill)

2006 BEACON. On & Off, Bryce Wolkowitz, New York.
2006 Short Films about Flying. A Retrospective of British Media Art, Kunsthaus, Dresden
2006 Weather Gauge. Arcade, Westbourne Studios, London.
2006 BEACON. Faultlines, The New Museum & Rhizome, New York.
2006 Light from Tomorrow . Edge Conditions, San Jose Museum of Art, California.
2006 Unprepared Piano. International Symposium of Electronic Art, San Jose, California.
2006 Shopping. Retail Safari , Monkeytown, New York.
2006 Decorative Newsfeeds (Gallery version) & Unprepared Piano. Neuberger Museum of Art
2006 Solo Exhibition. Decorative Newsfeeds (Gallery ) & Unprepared Piano. Mejan Labs, Stockholm.
2006 Network Art: Practices and Positions. Edited by Dr Tom Corby. Published by Routledge.
2006 Weather Gauge. Jury recommended work at The 9th Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo.
2006 Decorative Newsfeeds (Outdoors). Forest Hill, London.

2005 e-poltergeist. Blur of the Otherworldly, Center for Art and Visual Culture at UMBC, Baltimore.
2005 Web biennial, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum.
2005 BEACON & Weather Gauge. Computerfinearts collection, New York.
2005 dot-store. ArtBase 101, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York.
2005 BEACON. 40 artists 40 days, Tate Online, UK.
2005 Monograph published by Film & Video Umbrella, London.
2005 Winners of an Arts Foundation Award.
2005 Trooper. Terror, An online exhibition by Wooloo productions.

dot-store   Trooper   Telephony   Light from Tomorrow   Obituary   London   Decorative Newsfeeds   Do it with others

2004 Winter Wonderlands. Dreaming of a White. Art & Business, London.
2004 The 3rd Centre of Attention Art Prize, London.
2004 Fellowship at The MacDowell Colony, New Hampshire, USA
2004 Short Films about Flying. Database Imaginary, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Canada & Touring.
2004 Telephony Pass the Time of Day Gasworks, London & Touring.
2004 Decorative Newsfeeds (Gallery version), Algorithmic Revolutions , ZKM, Karlsruhe.
2004 Short Films about Flying Passage of Mirage, Chelsea Museum, New York.
2004 Unprepared Piano. Villette Numerique, Paris.
2004 IBID projects & ICA, London
2004 Solo exhibition. Decorative Newsfeeds (Gallery) and Trooper, The Media Centre, Huddersfield
2004 Trooper. The Deceleration Project, Shoreditch, London.
2004 Obituary & e-poltergeist at Haunted Media, Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK.

2003 dot-store tea-towels and Short Films about Flying. Agile Processes, Brussels, Belgium.
2003 triggerhappy . Games. Hartware, Dortmund, Germany.
2003 Short Films about Flying and dot-store were at DMZ, London.
2003 dot-store , The net art open 2003, The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.
2003 Diminished Seventh, Generative music system . Arts Transpennine '03, UK.
2003 London Calling, Sonar 2003, Barcelona.
2003 dot-store tea-towels . Written in Stone archaeology, Oslo MOCA, Norway.
2003 dot-store and Short Films about Flying. DATA:BASE , Dublin
2003 Short Films about Flying. Free-fall curated by Mike Stubbs forPeterborough Digital Arts, UK.
2003 Weather Gauge. Bitparts commissioned by FACT , Liverpool.
2003 Solo Exhibition. Short Films about Flying. Mobilehome, London.

Driving through Las Vegas   Short films about flying   Telephony   Triggerhappy   CNN Interactive just got Interactive   Driving through Las Vegas   Browser Archaeology   dot-store

2002 Solo Exhibition. dot-store at ICA, London.
2002 Telephony & Driving through Las Vegas. Mobile Phonics,z33, Belgium.
2002 Remote Conference, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.
2002 The Price of Freedom. Remote , Iona gallery, Kingussie, Scotland
2002 Delegates at Bridges II, Banff Centre, Canada.
2002 dot-store at BananaRAM, Ancona, Italy
2002 triggerhappy @Game_on, Barbican Gallery, London & Touring.
2002 Solo Exhibition. Model Behaviour. V2, Rotterdam.
2002 Driving through Las Vegas. Re:mote, Photographers Gallery, London.

2001 Telephony, OX1 Festival, Oxford.
2001 Artcade, Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco.
2001 Webwork show-cased @ SONAR, Barcelona.
2001 Game Show, Museum of Contemporary Art, Massachusetts.
2001 help_me. Slipstream, ICA, London.
2001 CNN Interactive just got more interactive . Art & Money Online , Tate Britain, London.
2001 Slipstream, Film & Video Umbrella , London.
2001 Click here to download 010101 artists' chatroom discussion.
2001 e-poltergeist. 010101, Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco .

2000 Solo Exhibition. Telephony, Mobile Home, London.
2000 triggerhappy. Installation. Look & Feel, Beuro Friedrich, Berlin.
2000 Homeworks , Cambridge Darkroom Gallery
2000 Browser Archaeology. Artists Entertainments Network, Walker Arts Centre.

Speaking in Tongues   Shopping   Triggerhappy   Ground Control   CNN Interactive just got Interactive   Television Fan   Obituary   Thalamus

1999 The Year Dot. Film & Video Umbrella.
1999 Solo Exhibition. Speaking in Tongues. Installation, Cambridge Darkrooms.
1999 Solo Exhibition. Shopping. Installation, Watermans Arts Centre, London.
1999 Internet works. Readme.txt by Benjamin Weil. Mediateca del museo de monterrey, Mexico.
1999 triggerhappy at The Festival of Video and Electronic Arts in Mexico City.
1999 Stall holders at Expo Destructo post media flea market, London.
1999 Influence. Track on Audio CD curated by Underwood Audio, London.
1999 Weightless. Internet work funded by Channel/Artec, London.

1998 Triggerhappy 'Pretty Vacant' curated by Ronnie Simpson. Artezium, Luton.
1998 Speaking in Tongues. Installation. Pandaemonium 1998, Lift Gallery, London.
1998 Trooper, EBC (Everything Broadcasting Corporation) Telecasts from ICA New Media Centre.
1998 Attributed Text. Internet work. Omnizone, New York.
1998 Triggerhappy What difference does it make? Cambridge Darkrooms.
1998 The Linguistic Turn curated by Michael Gibbs
1998 Triggerhappy. The Eyes of March. Lux Gallery, London

1997 Contribution to COIL magazine. Summer Issue 5
1997 Ground Control. Artist exchange in Lithuania. Exhibitions in Vilnius and London.
1997 Short Story. Webwork Maid in Cyberspace, Montreal.
1997 Solo Exhibition. Obituary. Installation. 30 Underwood St, London.

1996 Television Fan. Installation. Ripe, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.
1996 In an absence of empirical data. Artifice. CDROM&magazine.
1996 Altitude. Webwork. Manifesto, Rotterdam.
1996 Thalamus. Burning the Interface, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.
1996 Television Fan. Installation. Nosepaint@Zap, Brighton.
1996 Television Fan. Installation. On mouse up, London.
1996 Murder, Victim. Installation. 50x50x50x50. Burbage House, London.

Television Fan   Short Story   Virtual Narcissism   TV Archaeology   Virtually Memory   Thalamus   CNN Interactive just got more interactive   Browser Archaeology

1995 Virtually Memory. Single screen, Zone, Maidstone & Kunstlerhaus, Hamburg.
1995 Thalamus. CDROM. Video Positive '95, Tate Gallery, Liverpool.

1994 Eat within two days of opening. Audio track. Day at the beach productions, London.
1994 Virtually Memory. Single screen The National Review of Live Art, Glasgow.
1994 Second Nature. Installation. Visionfest '94, Liverpool.
1994 TV Archaeology. Installation. BTNew Contemporaries. Touring.
1994 Virtual Narcissism. Installation. Bedsit to Loft, London.

1993 A spurt is a forcible gush or jet of liquid. Nosepaint @The Tannery, London.
1993 TV's don't bleed (but we do). Installation. Gallery 28, Reading.