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For the Slade’s 150th anniversary celebrations, artists and recent  Slade alumni Nia Fekri and Mataio Austin Dean worked with three East London schools, to create this banner that places the pupils and their ideas of ‘home’ into UCL’s architectural, historical, and intellectual footprint.

During workshops, held in the South Cloisters, UCL, pupils made monoprints that represent themselves, their families and communities. The prints were sewn onto the banner, filling the seemingly abstract spaces and gaps in William Wilkins’ architectural plans. In this way, the pupils project themselves into the very foundations of UCL, weaving themselves quite literally into the fabric and future of the institution.

 Printing the Future, students workingPrinting the Future, close up

This part of a wider project to address the gaps in who is represented in the history of UCL, the Slade School of Fine Art and in the UCL Art Museum’s collection. The project uses the visual metaphor of Wilkins’ designs to examine these gaps as part of the ongoing process of addressing the contested heritage of the institution.

The final artwork is currently on display in the South Cloisters, UCL.

Funded by UCL Access and Widening Participation, this work is part of the UCL East Schools Engagement programme which connects young people from East London with expertise across the university.

 Printing the Future

Final work, Printing the Future


Stoke Newington School
"The project was inspiring and we feel very privileged to be involved"

"It was definitely effective to have close contact with the [UCL] students whose experience could be theirs in a few years."

"Fantastic workshop - really well delivered with lots of energy and ideas both technical and theoretical - students were highly productive and engaged."

"A wonderful experience yet again for our students, unique opportunity. Thank you to the Slade staff who made it happen."

Learning outcomes:
"Being able to experiment with a variety of printing materials and given the opportunity to take part in celebrating 150 years of the Slade."

NewVic Sixth Form College
"Wonderful location, very good workshop full of energy and interaction from the leaders"

Learning outcomes:
"For our group coming to central London to a university for the first time in nearly two years was very exciting, great to see the work in context and learn about future adventures and prospects at HE."

"[School] Students will ask the graduates honest questions and they can relate to the graduates on many levels."


NewVic Sixth Form College
Stoke Newington School


Nia Fekri
Mataio Austin Dean

Project Lead

Emma Bryant

Photos: Emma Bryant

Printing the Future Project Team 

Printing the Future, Project Team

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