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Did you attend the Slade? Do you have a story for the Slade archive?

To mark the Slade’s 150th anniversary in 2021, we invite you to contribute to our understanding of the Slade and its histories by writing a letter for the archive, sharing your recollections and reflections of your time at the Slade. We welcome creative responses to this proposal. This project is also open to families and friends of alumni and former Slade staff members.

Times Advertisement 1958Slade 150: Letters to the Archive draws inspiration from previous archival projects. In 1958, William Coldstream, then Slade Professor and head of the school, placed a notice in The Times asking for ‘the kind of material not contained in official records’, inviting Slade alumni to send in their personal reminiscences, records or letters dating from the period before the First World War. Some 40 years later in the 1990s, Slade archivist Stephen Chaplin conducted a similar alumni survey. The responses received from both these projects have been kept as part of the Slade Archive, UCL Special Collections.

Submissions to Slade 150: Letters to the Archive will be acquired as part of the Slade Archive, UCL Special Collections, and a selection of the responses published through our social media channels and online platforms.

Please submit your letter on A4 paper of your choice. Submissions must be received by 28 February 2022. All contributions must be accompanied by signed donation agreement and submission form.


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Project team

Liz Bruchet (Project curator, Lecturer Department of Information Studies & Honorary Research Fellow, Slade); Andrea Frederickson (Curator, UCL Art Museum); Jenny Goh (Slade Web Editor and Manager), Leah Johnson (Acting Head of Archives, UCL Special Collections); Rebecca Loweth (Associate Teaching Fellow, Slade), Jo Volley (Slade Deputy Director - Projects), Sara Borga (Slade 150 Events Coordinator).