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We look forward to involving the entire Slade community in this milestone year. You can be involved in the following ways.

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Online screening opportunity: Slade Alumni 2017-2021

To mark the Slade's 150 anniversary, we are planning an online programme of moving image works by Slade alumni from the last five years to take place this autumn. The programmes will be shown in collaboration with UCL's Open City Documentary Festival.

We would like to invite Slade Alumni 2017-2921 to submit a work for consideration and possible inclusion. If you wish, you may submit up to two works for consideration. Please bear in mind that this is a group screening and very long works may be difficult to programme within a group screening format. The screening can only support works that are digitally formatted and will require, if selected, a Hi-Res QuickTime file (or DCP if available).

For full details regarding submission see the Open Call letter.

Rightsholders Clearance Project

On the occasion of the Slade 150 anniversary, UCL Art Museum is undertaking a project to locate copyright holders for works in the Slade Collections. This rich body of artworks includes 3,000 drawings, paintings and prints, many of which were accessioned via the Slade's prize system. Prizes have been awarded annually since the establishment of the School in 1871 as an important recognition of the quality of a student’s work.

UCL Art Museum is seeking to trace rightsholders and to secure copyright permission for works in the Slade Collections. Copyright falls under ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ and is a legal right protecting work that is the result of human skill, judgment or labour, and automatically resides with the first creator of an original piece of work (or their employer). Once rightsholders have been identified and permission to reproduce images has been granted, UCL Art Museum can ensure the continued relevance of this renowned collection by providing online and publication access.

Are you a Slade alumnus or relative? Do you have any works of art in UCL Art Museum’s collection?

Do you have information about other rightsholders?

For more information or inquiries, please email 

You can search the UCL Art Museum catalogue or view a selection of artworks from the collection here.