Slade School of Fine Art Degree Showcase 2020 - BA/BFA


Seren Metcalfe

Seren Metcalfe is a Multi-Disciplinary Artist and Writer. She is currently based in London but born and bred in Yorkshire (1997).

Her research covers themes of Time, Labour, Energy, Routine and Structure. She is interested in the ways the body navigates through spaces and finds herself obsessively forming parallels between Cityscape and Landscape or the Natural vs the Mechanical. Her work also explores Fame, Television, Consumerism and Class and she interconnects these themes with personal memories, childhood narratives and anecdotes creating her own language to speak about personal experience and understanding of current existence.

Seren has just graduated from her BA at the Slade School of Fine Art and has previously shown work at The Royal Standard Liverpool, Studio 24 Leeds, and The Tate Modern London. She is the current Artist in Residence of UCL EAST alongside artist Jacob Blackaller.

Seren currently runs Free, movement and sound workshops under the name Contact points with Artist Eleni Zachariou And is currently writing scripts for television and theatre with the Artist and Writer Billy Parker. She is the Founder of the Working Class Creatives Database.

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Seren Metcalfe

, 2020, Publication.

HALF TRUTHS is a Publication housing a collection of daily passings - a mixture of daily strolls and daily scrolls gathered into an autobiographical archive of semi-truths. It attempts to be research; to explain things, and act as a navigation system for my thought processes as well as being a directory of current artworks. To view the book online visit For publishing and sales inquiries or to sign up for the books release email

Phase 1


Seren Metcalfe

, 2020, video installation, live performance, acrylic paintings, Dmx programming, Arduino.

The video published is a smaller scale mock-up version of Phase 1. For a full version and to find out more about Phase 1 visit Phase 1 would have been exhibited at the Slade Degree show 2020. Due to the Covid19 the exhibition was cancelled and the work is still in limbo. If you are reading this and would like to facilitate this performance and installation please email ​


Commuter Costume


Seren Metcalfe

, 2019, engraved metal spider with tailored suit trousers. Rough measurements are 200 x 100cm.

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Seren Metcalfe

, 2019, This video acts as a concept for a live choreographed performance with a projection.

The Video is a Montage of moments from the first episode of Coronation Street to Current episodes. The Montage depicts a timeline of working class northern history from the 1960's till our current time through the eye of a TV screen. These moments will be turned into a chain of movements to create choreography for two dancers to perform live next to the video. The depiction of time within soaps is of interest to me and how we can witness these highs and lows of emotions of an entire street within a 30 minute time frame summing up some kind of human experience throughout time. The television screen acts as a window into those moments of time where fictional narratives are formed from real life experiences. ​ Contact me at if you are someone who would like to fund or facilitate this performance.


Television Studio


Seren Metcalfe

, 2020, Performed at The Bloomsbury Theatre, London.

Actor: Tarik Badwan Drummer: Stanley Welch.
Television Studio looks at themes of labour and time within television. On the stage everything is set out in stations much like a television studio. I imagine the moment on a talk show when the camera moves from the chat show host to the next station where the band will play or on a game show where each obstacle is set out at a different platform of the circle but the camera films one station at a time so the audience views everything on a timeline. This layout also represents a clock face. There will be three performers and each will has their place in time. At 12 o’ clock we have the drummer. At 3 o’ clock (stage left) we have the dancer. At 6 o’clock we have the audience (off stage) and 9 o’clock (stage right) we have the actor - the cold caller. Visit for the video


Spider Diagram


Seren Metcalfe

, 2019, 10 screen installation and performance.

Performers: Stanley Welch, Annie Metzger, Fay Rushton Ryan

The Go Fuck Yourself Choir


Seren Metcalfe

, 2019, Lit up by smartphone torches, a choir of voices repeat the words 'Go Fuck Yourself'.

Starring: Charlotte Hurst, Emily Webb, Annie Metzger, Fay Rushton Ryan, Pol Wah Tse, Eun Joo Bae and Enzo Randolfi



Seren Metcalfe

, 2017 - current, documented performance.

Since 2017 I have been attempting to appear in television audiences with T-shirts spelling out the phrase: 'WERE ALL JUST TRYING TO GET BY'.




Seren Metcalfe

, 2017 - c.2019, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 130cm.

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Consumerist Centipede


Seren Metcalfe

, 2017, dried centipede with hand-painted 3D printed boots.



Seren Metcalfe, in collaboration with Ella Turner-Bridger and Fay Rushton-Ryan

, 2019, video.

I walk home at night. I can’t help but peak into the windows of the houses I pass. Their televisions and bedroom lights illuminate the street. I feel drawn to watch. Indulging on micro- moments of strangers and neighbours lives. I go home and watch the flats opposite. I watch the random codes of lights turning off and on. I watch hands raise up as goals are scored, I watch candles from birthday cakes being blown, fights and moments of joy. They watch me too. The window acts as a television screen - capturing these moments.

Rush Hour


Seren Metcalfe

, 2017, documentation of performance. In collaboration with dancers: Chloe Walker, Beckie Callow and Sophie Alstead.

In the Factories the women would tap their steel toe boots to the sound of the machinery transferring rhythm from machine to body and body to machine. The dancers tap through the space of The Crypt Gallery. The corridors mimic the underground tube tunnels focusing on the systematic, structured movements of the city. The dancers become more and more erratic, repeating routines and movements until they reach their final destination. A limited edition of tap trainers were created alongside this performance. "Trainers for the commute and smart shoes for the office. The heal and toe taps add rhythm to the commuters walk. They're all wearing them moving through the city to their own footsteps." To enquire about buying these email

Curriculum Vitae


BA Hons Fine Art
Slade School of Fine Art
2016 - 2020

Foundation Diploma
Leeds College of Art
2015 - 2016

York College
2013 - 2015

Prizes/ Scholarships/ Residencies

UCL EAST Artist in Residency
2019 - 2020

Herbert Seaborn Memorial Scholarship Prize

No Technology Residency hosted by Lucy Gray, Taynuilt, Scotland
June 2018

Selected Exhibitions/Performances

Words To Be Looked At, Wolfson College Oxford, 2020

Platform 1, Bloomsbury theatre, February 2020

Endless House share, Working Class Artists Collective, Peckham Safe House, November, 2019

The Morning After the Year Before, Studio 24, Leeds, December 2017 Alls Well, The Crypt

Gallery, Euston, November 2017

Technology vs Ethics, The Concept gallery, Lewisham, September 2017 Untitled, Livesey

Exchange, Peckham, August 2017

After the Watershed, The Old Police Station, Peckham, April 2017

Slade Wotever, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London, March 2017

LIL exhibition, Peckham Safe House, March 2017

SHRUG, Stoke Newington Gallery, January 2017

#Cam4Art, Webcam Performance, London, December 2016

Artists Social, Dissenters Gallery, London, December 2016

New Tate Modern Opening, Turbine Hall, London, June 2016

Currents Festival, The Brunswick, Leeds, June 2016

Private view, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, May 2016

PROD, Performance, La Boheme, Leeds, April 2016

Influenza, Blip Blip Blip, Leeds, April 2016

The Crawl, Performance, Trafalgar Square, London, February 2016

The Crawl, Performance, Millennium Square, Leeds, February 2016

Goldsmiths in the North, According to Mcgee, York, January 2015

Curatorial projects/ Workshops/ Screenings/ Publications

Sound Collective - Contact Points, Sound Workshop with Eleni Zachariou, Peak Gallery, London, 2020

Sound Collective - Contact Points, Sound Workshop with Eleni Zachariou, Tate Modern, London, 2020

Slime Intentions - Contact Points, Performance Workshop with Eleni Zachariou, Chisenhale Studios, 2019

Contact Points, Performance Workshop with Eleni Zachariou, Mallords, London 2019

HERM, West Yorkshire Queer Stories, 2018

Exquisite Corpse, 2018

Seren Metcalfe

Price List

First run, Limited Edition Hand bound. Edition of 12 with 3 Artist copies

Video, Performance, Acrylic paintings, dmx and Arduino programming
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Commuter Costume
Engraved Metal Spider with Tailored Suit Trousers. Rough measurements are 200cm x 100cm.

Coronation Street of Contemporary Dance
Live Performance with Projection proposal video
Please email artist to facilitate this performance.

Spider Diagram - “The Constant Mental State of Losing Your Mum in Tesco”

The Go Fuck Yourself Choir
Please email artist to facilitate this performance.

2017 - Current
T-shirt + Link to TV audience tickets

2017 - 2019
Acrylic on Canvas, 150 x 130cm

Consumerist Centipede
Dried Centipede with hand-painted 3D printed boots

Rush Hour
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