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The Architect


Kimberley Beach

, 2018, video installation .

Kimberley Beach

instagram: kimberley.beach

Artist's statement
Kimberley mainly makes video and sound works, sometimes incorporating installation. She makes frequent use of spoken narrative in her work as a way to investigate power dynamics and hierarchies, with a special focus on questions of social class. She uses the camera as a tool to explore subjective and objective knowledge on psycho-geography and the emotions and behaviour of situated individuals. She plays with the blurring of fiction and non-fiction to explore the complexities of social class hybridity. The often contradictory narratives of her films help draw attention to the manipulated construction of the other. Sound is layered with both original and found footage to show the multifaceted reality of the social realm. The splicing together of different mediums and conflicting content to gather ambiguity, with pieces often refusing resolution, leaving the audience to question their own culpability in the practice of othering.