23 - 24 - 25 March 2006

Slade Research Centre, Woburn Square, London.

FRAMED 2006 Publication now avaliable as PDF download here


Framed was a performance event/showcase which took place in the new Slade Research Centre space in Woburn Square at the end of March 2006 to coincide with the NODE.London season for media arts and also to mark the 10th anniversary of the Slade Centre for Electronic Media.

From works exploring transmission, networking and time to palm pilot drawings, sound performances as well as experimental works developed in collaboration with UCL's Immersive VR Laboratory exploring physiological input devices, this event was intended to provide a snapshot of the broad range of interests, exploration and investigations in this area.

Lanfranco Aceti
Tom Badley
Alex Baker
Ben Barwise
Ramona Behravan
Dale Berning
Rebecca Birch
Martin John Callanan
Ana Cavic
Georgia Chatzivasileiadi
Susan Collins
Phil Coy
Amy Cunningham
Dream Products Co
Simon Elliston
Anita Wernstrom & Jennie Fagerstrom
Simon Faithfull
Brett Foreman
Judith Goddard
Florencia Guillen
Tim Head
Louisa Clarke and Jaye Ho
Nick Hornby
Will Hurt
Alex Impey
Janice Kerbel
Richard Lockett
Brighid Lowe
Sunee Markosov
Viveka Marksjo
Vaishali Pathak & Katie Miller
Suzi Webster & Katie Paterson
Salomon Rogberg
Jack Southern
Naoko Takahashi
Timo Vaittinen
Jon Velardi
William West
Patrick White
Eli Zafran




Decorative Newsfeeds, Thomson & Craighead


See Documentation
Decorative Newsfeeds presents up to the minute headline news from around the world as a series of pleasant animations, allowing viewers to keep informed while contemplating a kind of readymade sculpture or automatic drawing.

Each breaking news item is taken live from the BBC website and presented on-screen according to a simple set of rules, and although the many trajectories these news headlines follow were drawn by the artists and then stored in a database, the way in which they interact with each other is determined by the execution of the computer program.

Decorative Newsfeeds is an attempt to articulate the rather complex relationship we all have with rolling news and how such simultaneous reportage on world events impinges on our own lives.


Sonification of You, Martin John Callanan joint research with Michael Rogers

Martin John Callanan, SCEMFA

See Documentation

Listen to extracts live from the event, and other audio broadcasts here

full details via greyisgood.eu

Interactivity has become ambient. Individual people are no longer isolated resulting from the scaling up of networks and the scaling down of the apparatus for transmission and reception. Various communication devices always carried are continuously emitting and receiving information. This continuous data flow is both invisible and often, by the majority of people, unknown. Today’s hand-held devices can be seen as extensions of the human body allow ubiquitous, inescapable network interconnectivity.

‘Sonification of You’ aims to make this data flow ‘visible’ to those people carrying the active devices. Our equipment will passively scan the various radio spectrum frequencies used by mobile phone devices, Bluetooth, WiFi networks, and others used by mobile devices, within a given space. The data information will then be represented by assigned audio sounds that will indicate activity, distance, and strength of signals.

Drawing on methods for monitoring large computer networks, the result is to create a background ‘sound’ for a room that is represented of the people and their devices within the space.

The invisible become audible and therefore visible. Allowing individuals to become aware of their constant connectivity.

, Susan Collins
Susan Collins, Framed, SCEMFA

Launch online version

The webcam has been programmed to record images a pixel a second, so that a whole image is made up of individual pixels collected over 21.33 hours.
Each image is collected from top to bottom and left to right in horizontal bands continuously. The work is made to be slow, a reflection on the ever increasing speeds we demand from the internet. It encodes the landscape over time, recording fluctuations in light and movement throughout the day (and night).

This is a sister piece to Fenlandia a previous work which transmitted similar images over a 12 month period (April 2005-April 2005) from the roof of a 17th century coaching inn in rural Cambridgeshire. Fenlandia explored the relationship between landscape and technological innovation in East Anglia’s ‘Silicon Fen’, where technology is literally embedded in the flat horizons of a reclaimed landscape of canals, sluices, dykes and ditches.
Similarly in Glenlandia what appears to be a quintessentially ‘natural’ Scottish loch-side view - Loch Faskally - is actually man made. It was created behind the hydro dam at Pitlochry, and the water levels in the Loch rise and fall according to demand in power.

Regularly updated stills of Glenlandia can be viewed in the site's archive, whilst a downloadable (flash) application lets the work function as a distributable artwork which can be viewed full screen and updated live to your computer in real time until September 10th 2006.

, Tim Head

Tim Head, Wildfire, FRAMED, SCEMFA

Real time computer program and flat screen(s)
Programming Simon Schofield

My recent work explores the elusive nature of the digital medium. Certain intrinsic properties of the medium are selected and programmed to generate events in real time on screen, digital projection or inkjet printer, bringing aspects of their raw physical substance to the surface.

In “WILDFIRE” a real time computer program randomly selects one of the primary colours (R, G or B) and either adds or subtracts one unit to/from the number value (between 0 and 255) of that colour that is part of the current RGB colour displayed on the screen.
This random process is repeated as fast as possible, its speed of change determined by the capabilities of the particular computer used.
The colour filling the screen flutters incessantly between the millions of possible hues.


Inkjet Print Tests
, Tim Head

Tim Head, FRamed, SCEMFA

In the INKJET PRINT TESTS the proposal seeks to radically redefine the prescribed role of the commercial inkjet printer, changing it from a reproduction machine into a primary printing medium in its own right.

A computer program is developed through an understanding of the workings of the machine code for the particular printer to talk directly to the printer and control all of its printing operations.

The subsequent prints are no longer tied to the reproduction of an external source (an image) but become instead the direct raw embodiment of the printer's own intrinsic characteristics.

The inkjet process is diverted from its usual narrowly prescribed and predetermined task into an active open-ended process of enquiry.

The proposal for inkjet prints has been researched, programmed and realised by Eli Zafran.

The prints have been made with the support of the Slade Digital Print Studio

Lost.net, Eli Zafran

The work examines the perception of a given space in the conditions of light and darkness, blurring the visual appearance of two and three dimensions, confusing the real and made up outlines of the otherwise confined space.

A Walk in the Park, Phil Coy

Phil Coy,  a walk in the park, Framed, SCEMFA
In 2000 I became fascinated by press announcements that the entire surface of the planet had been mapped by satellite photography. These satellite photographs are digital so in effect the announcement indicated that our entire natural landscape had been digitised – There was now a digital representation of our world that stood in parallel to our own: a world reduced to a finite number of pixels. This seemed a significant development in the history of landscape representation particularly in its relationship to property and ownership.

If you imagine this parallel world blown up to a 1:1 scale like in the Borges short story ‘Of Exactitude in Science ’ then the world’s surface would become a series of coloured squares: huge swathes of monochrome colour which differ only in hue and tone. Since 2000 I’ve worked with this imagined landscape as a model to parallel advanced capitalisms trend toward global homoginisation.

The first attempt to work with this idea a walk in the park (prototype for a satellite guidance system) 2001 embraced this relationship. It took 12 pixels from a satellite photograph of Central Park in New York and enlarged them to a 4:1 scale. The work is given portability or movement by its placement on a sack trolley painted with the utilitarian and mineral based red oxide.

616 and Over the Fence and Here We Go
, Timo Vaittinen
Timo Vaittinen, FRAMED, SCEMFA
A stop-motion animation where tile walls come alive in an obsolete hospital in Germany.
Duration: 58 seconds

"Over the fence and here we go" Gif-animations from the internet meet old taxi cars in a yard in London. A stop-motion animation where digital transforms to analogue and back to digital again.
Duration: 49 seconds / loop

Safesex, Cybersex, Brett Foreman

Brett Foreman, Cybersex, Framed, SCEMFA

Silver Gelatin Print

This work is part of a continuing series of performative investigations into the internet and its varied imagery.

For the Event Only
, Patrick White


This work will explore the ways in which information (used in its broadest sense to include concepts such as communication, translation, meaning and mental/physical sensation) can be explored in relation to sound at or around the infrasonic boundary. Infrasound and sound waves at the lower threshold of human hearing are important for the understanding of natural phenomena such as earthquakes and the communication of certain animals; whilst also being relevant to music, film and other human-made products involved in warfare explosives. The work will be simultaneously ephemaral and inescapable, testing the capablities of human aural perception in the midst of an imposing physical presence.

Listen to Patrick's audio broadcasts here

Human Conducted Tele-Vision Machine
, Georgia Chatzivasileiadi
Georgia Chatzivasileiad, Framed, SCEMFA

Documentation of the 'Human Conducted Tele-Vision Machine' Project's Research Process.

Human Conducted Tele-Vision Apparatus is an interactive piece, which requires the participation of a maximum of four viewers. While one viewer sees through an observatory device, the other three participants wear different cubical coloured helmets. The observatory device and helmets are connected. What the first viewer sees is colour-filtered according to the alternative presence of three other participants wearing the helmets. The participants’ vision and sounds inside the helmets are also respectively colour-filtered and amplified.

When people in conversation refer to they or them
, Jack Southern
Jack Southern, Framed, SCEMFA
‘When people in conversation refer to they or them’ is a comprehensive catalogue of presidential images appropriated from hundreds of websites. During the duration of the exhibition live programming software will continuously source presidential images from the ‘world-wide web’ in real time. Every country in the world is represented. The images together give an insight into global political activities and form a disjointed narrative - mapping the political activities of this specific period as portrayed through the resource of the Internet.

The work aims to enables the viewer to make links between different presidential figures, countries, political interests, motivations and sources of information and their distribution.


Pandora Boxed, Lanfranco Aceti

Lanfranco Aceti , Framed, SCEMFA Pandora Boxed can be simply described as a still from VR. Generated from a lengthy process of transfers between media, it was initially a picture taken with a 1970s Polaroid camera. The final artwork is aesthetically and structurally distant from its originating status. It is part of a work in progress, a mix of photography, digital media, VR and Video, on media arts' phenomenology and digital aesthetic.

, Richard Lockett
Richard Lockett, FRAMED, SCEMFA.org The UK has the most CCTV cameras per capita in the world with one for every 14 people. In UK cities recording starts as soon as we leave our homes. The work 'Eyeballing' allows us to choose the position of a pair of surveillance devices thereby having control over them.

Disembodied V2
, Viveka Marksjo
Viveka Marksjo, Framed, SCEMFA

"Disembodied V2" was the result of the psychological experience of being inside an MRI imaging machine, where one is thrown into a situation of total disorientation. The immersive virtual environment of "Disembodied V2" comments on the sensation of becoming the subject of a space/time and the architecture of another dimension, totally dislocated, inside-out, losing the sense of reality.

Continuum Tom Badley

tom badley, framed, SCEMFA

Listen to Tom's audio broadcasts here

A cut-up of web porn downloads, edited to form an hypnotic audiovisual installation. the common character is only discernable through a slowly evolving sequence, locked in continuous climax. just as the porn set is lit from all angles as in an operating theatre, there is implied that all the models - all data - can be rotated, pulled apart and antrophied from every position, suspended at will.

Attempt to push a sound through a wall, Alex Baker


A long Perspex tube passes through a wall holding a speaker at one end and a microphone at the other on the other side. A sound is transmitted between the two, but the tube is completely sealed and the sound cannot be heard from that point. The tube silently transmits the sound straight through the wall - you can see where the sound travels but not hear it.


that cup thing with the cups, Ben Barwise

Ben barwise Framed SCEMFA

Listen to Ben's audio broadcasts here


Attempts to use sound as a physically rather than a realistic reproduction I use cheap lofi electronics transducers embeded into inanimate objects making them 'speak'.

Chairs, William West

William West, FRAMED, SCEMFA
An ongoing conversation that will only ever take place between two people at any given time. Participants will have a conversation separated by a wall but will be able to see one another in a mirror. The conversation will be recorded filming the mirror, the film will be live fed to a monitor in a separate room for the 'next' participants to view and then carry on from.

Two chairs used in the installation by will be upholstered in patterned fabric by Jonathan Velardi.

Report: The Earth
, Salomon Rogberg

Salomon Rogberg, Framed, SCEMFA

Report: The Earth was made during one-week based on the The Independent newspaper. It is a report on the condition of the earth and human reality seen through the mind of an extraterrestrial being. Scanning through the images of The Independent newspaper I used my mobile phone to capture images that I felt significantly reflected something of that particular day. I imagined how my extraterrestrial character would report on the images and what they made him/it feel and think. I expressed how the alien responds to the world being an otherness, which is reflected through the translations of the alien language into English subtitles.

Euston Print 1
, Jonathan Velardi

Framed, SCEMFA

Documentation of the winner of Maiden's Transvision and Slade School of Fine Art competition 2005. "Euston Print 1" was installed on all Maiden LED screens located in London's main-line train stations. "Euston Print 1" was digital wallpaper that decorated the space in a train station and allowed the millions of passengers that pass through the station an escape from reality to a virtual environment.

2 am Tale , Ana Cavic

view online version
2 AM TALE is a portrayal of the artist’s personal and problematic relationship with medication in which the artist’s physical transformation of a prescription into a piece of prose poetry reflects psychical transformations of passive to active, of impersonal to personal, of pubic to private, of factual to fictive. In several succinct lines, the tale unfolds at the introspective hour of 2 am as the artist reflects on her life, contemplates suicide in the face of fear and presence of pain, and finally although uncertainly decides to live. Through interactivity, the artist invites the viewer to both physically and psychically participate in these transformations and reflect, in the partaking of the taking of the tablets, on the impact of medication on individual lives. 2 AM TALE is an interactive web based piece of poetry which combines animation and text.

A Tale of an International Woman, Sunee Hong Markosov

Sunee Hong Markosov, Framed, SCEMFA
Watch now online


Juxtaposing generic city images from various websites and personal video clips / photo images, I attempt to tell a tale of a fictional character who claims herself as an "International Woman". As this nomadic and uncommitted (to location, to ideas) character unfolds the tale in a manner of a chat to a girlfriend, she soon faces a state of confusion when dealing with the question of representation.

Citizens of Spam, Brighid Lowe

'Citizens of Spam (part 1)' was the by-product of a serious spam problem. Over 4,000 computer generated spam names were collected over the period of a year. This obsessive archive of virtual citizens was originally produced as a sixteen metre inkjet print and exhibited in ' You Are At Home Here', Lokaal 01, Breda, Netherlands 2003 and the Jerwood Artists Platform, Jerwood space, London 2004. An edited sample has been produced for Framed.

Exuma Emerald Calls from The Bird Island Project, Janice Kerbel

Janice kerbel , Bird Island, FRAMED, SCEMFA
see The Bird Island Project online

Just above the Tropic of Cancer in the Great Bahama Bank lies this secluded, uninhabited gem of an island. Measuring one mile from sea to sea with over twelve acres of untouched land, Bird Island is one of the scarce remaining shares of paradise.

Like all the islands of the glittering Exuma Cays, Bird Island has remained entirely unspoiled. Teeming with pink flamingos, long-tailed tropicbirds and the remarkable exuma emerald, the island is an untouched tropical haven; night-blooming cereus and tiny straw lilies grow wildly amidst the dense coconut palm while pristine white sand beaches are skirted by turquoise waters and brilliant coral reefs.


Untitled [Glitch.Analogue.xA], Will Hurt

Will Hurt, Untitled [Glitch.Analogue.xA]


These prints explore the moment a pure, reliable, yet "dead" system exhibits "life". They capture this instant, drawing attention to the anomaly of the glitch, portraying its inherent beauty.

Collaboration 1, Lu Clarke and Jaye Ho
Lu Clarke and Jaye Ho

We shall be exploring the transformation of movement to sound and sound to movement. A large number (approximately 35) of speaker components are spread out on the floor. Each speaker diaphragm contains dry dust and dirt from the floor of the gallery. As sound is played through the speakers the vibrations produce the movement of the particles thus revealing a mesmerising effect. The sound played through the speakers will be the footsteps of the veiwers entering the gallery space. This live sound installation will have a delay component so that as the viewer enters the space they see the effect of their footsteps on the work. The sound is made visable through the vibrating diaphragm agaitating the debris.


Radio 4 According to Kiss FM, Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby, a Max MSP patch listens to Kiss FM, in particular to its beat, and edits / imposes that rhythm onto Radio 4. Framed, SCEMFA

Listen to extracts live from the event, and broadcasts here


A Max MSP patch listens to Kiss FM, in particular to its beat, and edits / imposes that rhythm onto Radio 4.

Sound Painting, Ramona Behravan
Sound Painting, Framed, SCEMFA This project is based on the participation of all the people who will be at FRAMED. The idea is to create an evolving audio/visual installation in which any sound made in the space of the installation will be utilised to add to an interactive “painting”. Naturally silence is just as important as sound for this installation. In this manner the natural patterns of our behaviour in terms of sound frequencies will be recorded and thus represented by visual elements based on patterns and growth in biology in order to create a collaborative organic “painting”.

Super Dream City Project , Dream Products Co

Dream Products co, FRAMED< SCEMFA

Experience Super Dream City in the UCL Immersive VR Laboratory during FRAMED

Please note: booking is essential to view Super Dream City
Documentation of the history of the Super Dream City Project will be at the Woburn Square event.

A physiological experience in the Virtual Reality Lab at the UCL Computer Science department.

A collaboration with Dr. Doron Friedman allowing the participants to control the Dream City with their Heart rate.


Window Music, Simon Elliston

Simon Ellistion, FRAMED, SCEMFA
Window music is a sound installation which uses nearby high-rise buildings as a musical score. By way of a live camera feed and a computer, sound is generated in response to the changing lights in the windows of the surrounding buildings.

12 Postcards From Berlin, Simon Faithfull

Simon Faithful, FRAMED, SCEMFA


12 Postcards from the 12 regions of Berlin.

St Paul's, Judith Goddard
Juidth Goddard, Framed, SCEMFA
From the miniature to the monumental, three images of St Paul's cathedral shot on a Nokia mobile phone.



Join us between 6-9 pm on Friday 24 March for an evening of live
performances and webcasts

View archived webcasts and broadcasts here

Performance Programme

Thursday 23 March (7-7.45pm)
osaka the quiet one (le son de pas dans le gravier)
, Dale Berning

Friday 24 March (6-9pm)
the main event


, Alex Impey

Alex Impey, Framed, SCEMFA

Date Friday 24 March
Time 6-9pm

View archived webcasts and broadcasts here

Objects vibrate or are caused to vibrate. These vibrations are electronically recorded. These recordings are amplified into sound and used to cause vibrations in further objects. The result is a modulation of the qualities of the original vibrations by those of the new object. The performance is an accretion of the original recordings, the re-recordings and a live application of the process.

Älvdans, Absolut-ely Jennie och Anita (Jennie Fagerstrom and Anita Wernstrom)

Alvdans, Absolut-ely Jennie och Anita, Framed, SCEMFA

Date Friday 24 March
Time 6-9pm

View archived webcasts and broadcasts here

The sunsets and the moon are rising, an owl is singing. Two elves appear on the meadow and fall in to a dance; the elves are duplicating and are creating a ring. The night draws to day and the sun is rising, the birds start singing and the elves leaves the meadow in the morning mist.

Electric Skin
, Suzi Webster and Katie Paterson

Suzi Webster and Katie Paterson, FRAMED, SCEMFA

Date Friday 24 March
Time 6-9pm

View archived webcasts and broadcasts here

This wearable, responsive garment acts as a mediating membrane that seeks to create homeostasis between the wearer's internal environment and the external environment. The inhalation and exhalation of the wearer activates a breath sensor that dims and brightens the printed LED lights of the garment. The wearer is engaged in a meditative state of mind, bathed in the reflected electric aqua light. Other viewers see the intimate breathing of the wearer as slow pulses of light on the exterior of the garment. Electric Skin questions divisions between 'subject/object' 'inner/outer' and 'mind/body' and creates an experience of that liminal space that is neither inside nor outside, but is a third space inbetween.

We would like to thank Elumin8 for their support.

osaka the quiet one (le son de pas dans le gravier)
, Dale Berning


Date Thursday 23 March
Time 7-7.45pm

View archived webcasts and broadcasts here

Record Label

We sat on wooden steps leading up to wooden rooms, walked slowly through the ancient guarded gates and along the covered wooden walkways. We crossed a river on giant stepping stones, cast cement and stone, docile turtles unperturbed, water birds gathering, the ground rose to my right, I listened. I passed the canal, the sound of water running up to and against and along the concrete walls of the brigde, the steady clicking of bicycles to my right and then my left, my left, again, crocheted rhythms dissapearing.

A multichannel sound piece constructed from and in response to a selection of field recordings collected in Osaka, Nara and Kyoto in November 2005.


Startling News
, Florencia Guillen

Florencia Guillen, Framed, SCEMFA

Date Friday 24 March
Time 6-9pm

View archived webcasts and broadcasts here

The horrible event happened when Chelita, another Santa Martha neighbour, tried to jump the queue to steal from Rosita the last pig stew tamales. The minuscule dog started barking but this time in Spanish!! According to the present neighbours, it articulated with perfect pronunciation: “Stay out of my place, shady lady! These tamales are mine!” The spectators affirm that it was like a chapter from the “Twilight Zone “and they all recall thinking they were having an awful nightmare

Tours, Katie Miller and Vaishali Pathak

Tours, Framed, SCEMFA
Tours given on at Friday 24 3pm

We will conduct guided tours of the exhibition, not necessarily relating to the works only but also how people are interacting and forming their own networks. Inspirations were isabella blow conducting guided tours of frieze and commenting on what people were wearing, which also seems to be relevant to the art world today and is also a subtle, humourous social comment.

A Live Chat Room, Rebecca Birch

rebecca birch, FRAMED, scemfa.org

A series of conversations that will begin with particular subjects, then wander across other subjects freely

Thursday March 23 (real ale will be served)
A conversation about paint colours, real ale, evolution, fruit flies etc.

Friday March 24
A conversation triggered by loneliness.
A conversation about manual cameras, coastal erosion, hairdressing etc.

Saturday March 25 (tea and cake will be served)
A conversation triggered through sharing an activity.
(tea-drinking, building, drawing)
A conversation about the meaning of life, beautiful scarves etc.

Everyone visiting FRAMED is welcome to join in the conversations.


A live chat room is an experimental work created for FRAMED. It explores the possiblity of controlling and directing conversations through chat room mechanisms and draws out the connections between the virtual space of the chat room and the physical spaces for conversation such as coffee shops and pubs. Throughout FRAMED the visitors are invited to attend scheduled, mediated chats around a variety of specialist subjects or to use the space for free chatting.


Alchemical Streaming, Amy Cunningham
  Alchemical Streaming, Amy Cunningham

Date Friday 24 March
Time 6-9pm

View archived webcasts and broadcasts here

Using the structure and technology of the web cast, 'Alchemical Streaming' (2006), is a performance and installation which uses the possibilities of the delay created between the live event and the broadcast event, which was first developed in the work 'Delayed Dreaming' (2002). The work consciously draws upon the parallel between the intangible ethernet and the spirit ether of alchemy and ghosts. The messy and unpredictable worlds of myths and magic meet with the prosaic and hard edges of the digital and become mingled. The performance uses live movement and voice, painting and live internet web cast.


Framing the Frame with 20 Secs Distance, Naoko Takahashi

Naoko Takahashi, FRAMED, SCEMFA

Date Friday 24 March
Time 6-9pm

View archived webcasts and broadcasts here

Drawing performance of outlining the artist herself with life size weblinked projection. The piece was originally performed with live linked video projection and it will be explored through the virtual environment.


Webcasts & Broadcasts

FRAMED 2006 Publication now avaliable as PDF download here

The performance events were webcast, view the archive

24 March
Alex Impey Untitled
Naoko Takahashi Framing the Frame with 20 Secs Distance
Nick Hornby Radio 4 According to Kiss FM
Patrick White For the Event Only, Patrick White
William West Chair
Absolut-ely Jennie och Anita Älvdans
(Anita Wernström and Jennie Fagerström)
Suzi Webster & Katie Paterson Electric Skin
Amy Cunningham Alchemical Streaming

View archived webcasts and broadcasts here

You need RealPlayer to tune in (you will already have this installed if you can listen to BBC Radio online), [free download here]

Webcasts are possible thanks to the kind support of John Conway at UCL Media Resources


Resonance 104.4 fm

There were a series of broadcasts on Resonance 104.4 fm, London's Art Radio Station as part of FRAMED.

There were three 6 hour broadcasts from 1am-7am on 23, 24 and 25 March; a FRAMED one hour special radio program at 7pm on Friday 24th March and an hour of edited highlights from the live performances was broadcast on March 30th at 7pm.

From sound works exploring transmission, networking and data flows to startling news stories and downloaded jokes, the program included a broad selection of works: Nick Hornby’s Radio 4 according to Kiss fm; Martin John Callanan’s Sonification of You; Patrick White’s Choir without Words; Florencia Guillen’s Startling News Stories; Sunee Markosov’s Confession of an International Woman; Dale Berning’s Osaka the Quiet one - Field Recordings; Sue Hewlett’s jokes from the haha; Ben Barwise’s group crit and other tracks; plus more music, sound, and voice from Amy Cunningham, Alex Impey, Tom Badley, Jon Thomson, Salomon Rogberg and Naoko Takahashi.

Listen to broadcasts in the archive

UCL Immersive VR Laboratory

The UCL VR Lab contains an immersive room in which the user is presented with high-resolution stereo-pair images projected in real-time on 3 walls and the floor. When viewed through lightweight shutterglasses, the left/right stereo images are presented separately to the left and right eyes respectively, producing the illusion of 3D objects appearing both within and beyond the walls. The images are presented with reference to the users viewpoint, which is continuously updated via a head-tracking unit; thus even as the user moves around, the virtual environment displayed will always be perspective-correct.

The UCL UCL Immersive VR Laboratory was opened to the public by appointment as part of FRAMED for special viewings of the following projects:

Super Dream City Project, Dream Products Co  
Mette Land, Chris Christou


framed, scemfa.orgframed, scemfa.org

View all the photographs of the event here

FRAMED 2006 Publication now avaliable as PDF download here


The event included a range of work and approaches by students, artists and researchers working in an investigative way with new media.
Participants included:

Lanfranco Aceti [www.communart.com]
Dr. Lanfranco Aceti was born in Cassino, Italy and currently lives in London. He completed his Ph.D. at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and currently is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Slade School of Fine Art and a Leverhulme artist in residence and researcher at University College London, Department of Computer Science, Virtual Reality Environments.
• showing Pandora Boxed

Tom Badley

Tom Badley's work utilises found video footage from the internet. In particular, he has used specific downloading programs to aquire people's self-made 'home movies'. Through re-editing, original material is configured to produce 'music', ambient sound and fragmented images, playing with their original meaning and the medium of video itself. Badley is currently studying BA Fine Art at Slade, London.
• showing Cumming Continuum

Alex Baker

Works in sound installation, video and performance exploring the physicality and interpretation of transmitted experience. Following studies in fine art at Middlesex University 1996-99 and Slade School of Art 1999-2001 Baker has since exhibited and performed widely throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. Exhibitions include solo shows at the Jerwood Gallery, Leeds Metropolitan Gallery and Mid Pennine Gallery, a wide range of group exhibitions and residencies at the Chisenhale Dance Space, the Daghda Dance Company, Limerick and the Reinberger Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
• showing Attempt to push a sound through a wall

Ben Barwise
Current student of Slade Sculpture Department, Born in the suburbs of London to a family of scientists.
• showing that cup thing with the cups

Ramona Behravan
I have been working with my industrial supervisor Robin Carisle with whom I share my website. My main work is in music visualisation (animation) but also been working on still images some of which have been used to advertise various UCL handbooks and websites.
• showing Sound Painting

Dale Berning

Works primarily in sound, through installation, live performance, recording, and producing soundtracks for video and film. Most recently composed and produced the soundtrack for Trail, a film by Hiraki Sawa for the Yokohama Trienale, 2005.
Exhibits and performs in the UK and internationally. Recent events include: The Horse Stories, live performance, Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo, November 2005 Blue Floor Clicking, live performance, remo, Osaka, November 2005 Kaleidoscope, an event curated by Damien Roach, Whitechapel Art Gallery, February 2006.
performing osaka the quiet one (le son de pas dans le gravier)

Rebecca Birch

Rebecca Birch studied at Goldsmiths college and she is currently a postgraduate student at the Slade School of Fine Art. Rebecca Birch's contribution to Framed is part of an ongoing sereis of works gathering conversation from different contexts. 'A Good October' following converstions held in teashops was recently shown at the Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne and another work form the series will be shown at EASTInternational later this year.
• peforming A live chat room

Martin John Callanan
Research focuses on 'systems'- both technological and bureaucratic kinds - exploring ways to make them more transparent. Often this involves evoking the 'system' in ways that uses it's own characteristics to examine itself - or to reveal more about itself. Martin has recently worked with: The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, The Mayor of London, Transport for London, Network Rail, and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.
• showing Sonification of You

Ana Cavic

Ana Cavic is currently a second year undergraduate student in Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Fine Art.
• showing 2 am Tale

Georgia Chatzivasileiadi
She is working with light installations and visual perception. Studied in Athens , The Hague and London. She has participated in gallery shows, actions, inhabitations of urban spaces, workshops and been awarded in Greece, Holland and UK.
• showing Human Conducted Tele-Vision Machine

Susan Collins
Susan Collins works across a range of media, exhibiting widely nationally and internationally often in public and site-specific locations. Recent works employ transmission, networking and time as primary materials, often exploring the role of illusion or belief in their construction and interpretation. On-line works include Tate in Space, commissioned for Tate Online; Transporting Skies, a solo show which transported sky (and other phenomena) live between Newlyn Art Gallery Penzance and Site Gallery Sheffield; Fenlandia/Glenlandia an ongoing distributable networked landscape project and The Spectrascope a live pixel by pixel transmission from a haunted house. Recently completed commissions include a wildlife surveillance system for Sarah Wigglesworth Architects's award winning Classroom of the Future, and Underglow, a network of illuminated drains for the Corporation of London for winter 2005/6.
• showing Glenlandia

Phil Coy
In 2003 Phil Coy's work eleven seconds of paradise (2000) was included in the Haywood Gallery national touring show Incommunicado. In 2004 he received a British Council International Artist Fellowship to work with a Soprano singer and a decommisioned Omega Tracking Station in Trinidad. The subsequent video piece Omega will be shown at the StudioFilmClub in Trinidad and EV+A, Limerick, Ireland 2006.
• showing A Walk in the Park

Amy Cunningham

In Amy Cunningham's work there is a meeting of magic and technology, folk and science fiction. She uses, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, film, video, networked technology, voice, music composition and live performance. Often the work has its roots in landscapes and oeuvre of the past whilst, keeping one canny eye or ear on future fantasies.
• performing Alchemical Streaming

Dream Products Co
Dream Products Co was created to relate to people's dreams and establish a network between participants. They are currently working on a collaboration with Dr Doron Friedman for Super Dream City Project.
• showing Super Dream City

Simon Elliston

Simon is currently studying Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Fine Art. He has completed a BTEC in Art and Design at Camberwell College and currently
lives and works part time as a carpenter in London.
• showing Window Music

Anita Wernstrom & Jennie Fagerstrom
(Absolut-ely Jennie och Anita)
Absolut-ely Jennie och Anita are duo that have been collaborating for over 4 years, creating and participating in events/performances in and around London, Scotland and Venice. Absolut-ely Jennie and Anita’s performances are investigating and acting upon cultural Identity, national romantics and mythology.
• performing Älvdans

Simon Faithfull [www.simonfaithfull.org]
With the recent project Antarctica Dispatches, his work has continued to explore the extremities of the world and its relation to the everyday or mundane. A collaboration with British Antarctic Survey, Antarctica Dispatches consisted of daily drawings made on Palm-Pilot that were dispatched ‘live’ via e-mail to 1000’s of subscribers and various galleries (including ICA, London and CCA, Glasgow), followed by a touring exhibition in 2005 collecting together the drawing, video and photographic work made while in the Antarctic. Other recent projects include the video installation 30Km exhibited at Pump House Gallery, London and in Copenhagen, Barcelona and Helsinki and the film 13, commissioned by Channel 4 and Arts Council England, screened on Channel 4 in November 2004.
• showing 12 Postcards From Berlin

Brett Foreman

Brett Foreman is an exchange student from Middlebury College, Vermont. Originally from San Francisco, he is studying at the Slade for the Spring Term.
• showing Safesex, Cybersex

Judith Goddard

Judith Goddard lives and works in London.
She works with the still and the moving image.
"Goddard’s work on screen attempts to visualise concepts through images of external objects and events that by a process of manipulation of time and the moving image (editing, use of sound etc.) also become metaphors for internal states". Mike O'Pray.
Recent shows include 100 years of artists film and video, 2003/4 Tate Britain. Collage at Bloomberg Space 2004, Wonderings, Gt Eastern Street 2005 and Cross-town Traffic in Delhi, India 2005.
• showing St Paul's

Florencia Guillen

Florencia Guillen is a Mexican artist based in London. Working across different media, her work celebrates everyday life. She has been part of several group shows in Italy, Brazil and the UK and recently had a solo show at the Toilet Gallery in London.
• performing Startling News

Tim Head
Over the past few years his work has explored the physical ingredients of digital space focusing on the space generated by a computer programme on screen in real time. A recent example of this work, Treacherous Light, a digital projection, was shown last year at the Days Like These Tate Triennial Exhibition and the 7e Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Lyon. Current works explore the properties of digital light and the operations of inkjet printing.
• showing Wildfire and Inkjet Print Tests

Louisa Clarke and Jaye Ho

This is Jaye and Lu's first collaboration. Jaye is from a Fine Art Media background and Lu is from a Sculpture background. They are both in the final year of their MFA's at the Slade.
• showing Collaboration 1

Nick Hornby
Studied at The Slade School of Art and at The Art Institute of Chicago. In September 2005, supported by JCB and Guiviers, he installed Sound Track a 320 string 100 foot long playable cello sculpture in a disused toothbrush factory. It was Criticπs Choice in the Independent on Sunday and described in FlavourPill as: "A strange, beautiful, sensory overload."
Selected shows & performances include: Invisible, at 291 Gallery, a four-screen video installation in the vaults of the Edinburgh Central Library, and a collaborative multimedia performance at the Edinburgh Festival. Online, he was involved in the creation and development of www.criticalartware.net, which launched with the exhibition Hello World at the Heaven Gallery, Chicago. He also had an animation included in a group show of net.art at The Lux
• showing Radio 4 According to Kiss fm 

Will Hurt
Will Hurt's work explores both the failure of systems and the relationship between sound and form. He resides in London.
• showing Untitled [Glitch.Analogue.xA]

Alex Impey
Works most often with sound and drawing. Since 2000 has presented audio in performance. Lives in London.
• performing Untitled

Janice Kerbel
Janice Kerbel is a Canadian artist, living in Londonsince 1995. She is currently Research Fellow at Slade School of Fine Art.
• showing Exuma Emerald Calls from The Bird Island Project

Richard Lockett

Lockett is a final year BA student at the Slade School of Fine Art.
• showing Eyeballing

Brighid Lowe
Brighid Lowe was born in Newcastle-upon Tyne in 1965. She studied at Reading University and the Slade School of Fine Art. In 1998, she received a Paul Hamlyn Award for Artists. Solo exhibitions include The Photographer's Gallery, London (1992), John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, (1997), and Jerwood Artists Platform ( 2004 ). Group exhibitions include Intelligence, Tate Britain (2000) and You Are At Home Here, Lokaal 01, Breda, Holland (2003). She is Head of Undergraduate Sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art.
• showing Citizens of Spam

Sunee Markosov
Sunee Markosov is interested in the visual representation of nomadic identity. This interest is driven by her personal background: since she left her home in Korea at the age of 13, she has been living, studying, and working in various parts of the world. Oscillating between her ever-changing identity and the notions of a static, essentialist "Self", both her everyday life and her work involve negotiation, confusion and hope. Sunee now lives in London and her newly found home, Hong Kong.
• showing A Tale of an International Woman

Viveka Marksjo
Viveka Marksjo was born in Stockholm, 1969, completed her Masters of Fine Art degree at the Victorian College of the Arts (School of Art) in 2003. She has been exhibiting regularly in Melbourne Australia since 1994, with shows at Linden, Westspace, Conical and VCA galleries. In 2003 Viveka was awarded The ANZ Visual Fellowship Award for her work „Replacements/Displacement 2‰. In 2004, she was the recipient of an Anne and Gordon Samstag International Study Scholarship Award. Viveka is currently undertaking a Graduate Diploma in Fine Art Media at Slade School of Fine Art.
• showing Disembodied V2

Vaishali Pathak & Katie Miller
They are currently students at the Slade School of Fine Art, London, based in Media and Sculpture. They hope to create something interesting within the actual exhibition context involving the participants in a direct way.
• performing Tours

Suzi Webster & Katie Paterson
Suzi Webster and Katie Paterson are currently completing their MFAs at the Slade. Their collaboration on Electric Skin came about through a shared interest in responsive and immersive interdisciplinary installations.
• showing/performing Electric Skin

Salomon Rogberg
Salomon Rogberg currently lives and studies in London. He is in his third year at The Slade School of Fine Art, where he is studying BA Hons in Fine Art Media.
• showing Report: The Earth

Jack Southern
Southern works in a range of media, often incorporating site-specific installation. Projects focus on specific cultural circumstances and their relationship to broader global, political and social sensibilities. Southern has an ongoing studio residency at Acme studios, London where he is currently working on a body of work based on the changing identity of Bow, East London. Recent exhibitions include, ‘Inverse’, Newlyn Gallery, Cornwall, 'Monitor' at Lot 6, Bristol, and ‘Culture bound’, East wing collection at the Courtauld institute, London.
• showing When people in conversation refer to they or them

Naoko Takahashi

Takahashi lives and works in London and her work often incorporates text and time based media. Through her work, she explores the process of continual translation, from thought to voice, from one language to another and also from media to media.
• performing Framing the Frame with 20 Secs Distance

Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead are artists based in London working primarily with video, sound and electronic networked space to create gallery and site-specific artworks and installations. They have exhibited widely both nationally and internationally, having earned an excellent reputation as leading UK practitioners who use communications systems and technology in Art.
• showing Decorative Newsfeeds

Timo Vaittinen

Timo Vaittinen was at the Slade as an exchange student from the Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts in Autumn 2005. He currently lives and studies in Helsinki.
• showing 616 and Over the Fence and Here We Go

Jon Velardi

Jonathan Velardi focuses on how consumerism infiltrates itself into society and culture. Using the decorative as a means of subtle intervention into public spaces, he produces patterns that emphasize the saturation of mass-consumerism. His works include soft furnishings and digitally projected wallpaper. In 2005 Jonathan was the winner of Maiden's Transvision and Slade School of Art competition, where his digital wallpaper, "Euston Print 1" was screened on all LED screens located in London's main-line train stations. The pattern fused together symbols of travel, leisure and luxury with colour and stripes which acted as an escape from the viewer's environment into a virtual world.
• showing Euston Print 1 and Untitled

William West

William West has been working with performance and social situations, his work consists scenarios put in place to cause conversation.
• showing Chairs

Patrick White

Patrick White is about to complete the BA course at the Slade School of Fine Art, specialising in electronic media. He also works as a musician and sound engineer.
• showing For the Event Only

Eli Zafran
Born in Israel 1972, graduated Bezalel Academy of Art (B.F.A hons.), Slade School of Fine Arts (M.F.A), post Master research in the Slade School of Fine Art. Exhibitions: Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv (2003),Cover Up project space, London (2005) solo exhibitions, and various group exhibitions.
• showing Lost.net


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