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The Slade has a fascinating, but currently incomplete, collection of annual class photographs dating from 1931, with an earlier exceptional example dated 1905. During the first phase of the Slade Archive Project, we asked former staff and students, scholars and members of the public to help us close the gaps in the collection and to identify the sitters through a crowdsourcing website designed by UCL Centre for Digital Humanities.

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Slade Class Photo
Slade Class Photo, 1952

Over 60 contributions were received, a number of sitters identified and contacts with alumni made. Copies of year photos, previously missing from our collection, were also donated by former staff and students. Through this platform, we have identified a number of individuals who were international students or visitors at the Slade during the 1950s including: Ibrahim El-Salahi, A.M. El Din Guneid and Baghdadi Bastawi from Sudan, Sam Joseph Ntiro from Tanganyika (now Tanzania), Arthur Albert Adams and Mary Chappe Sutton from South Africa, Yu Tseng, Chien-Ying Chang, C.W. Fei and Deh-ta Hsiung, from China, Krishna Gosajeni from Thailand, Sinclair Healy from Canada, Jamila Zafar, Khalid Iqbal, Zainul Abedin and Anwar Shemza from Pakistan, Kamalendu Roy, Ameena Ahmed and Kalpathi Ganapathy Subramanyam from India, Jack Cripper and Desmond Digby and James Robson Cowan, otherwise known as Roy Cowan, from New Zealand, Warrington Colescott from the US, Surya Antonius from Jordan, Koesoema Affandi from Indonesia, Batil T. Patwa from Kenya, Menhat Allah Helmy from Egypt, Van-my or Phan-Van-My Phan from Vietnam, Skunder Boghossian from Ethiopia, Kim Lim from Singapore. These findings will inform the next phase of the Transnational Slade project (2019-2021).

We are now taking the opportunity to evaluate the results of the crowdsourcing activities, and to rethink the project in light of GDPR regulations.

For further information about the project, or to access the Slade class photo collection, please contact