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The Slade School of Fine Art is able to host a small number of excellent visiting researchers, international scholars and artists whose research interests align closely with our research themes and priorities, as outlined the Research at the Slade webpage.

Featured Media

Photograph of columns, Slade building exterior
Slade building, detail

Photo: Mick Farrell

Proposals and enquiries

To enquire, please contact Kate Rowlands, Slade School Manager in the first instance with the following information:

  • your academic cv;
  • a short (one or two page) outline of your research interests;
  • your reasons for wanting to visit the Slade School of Fine Art;
  • the likely length and time frame of your visit;
  • any resources you anticipate requiring in order to carry out your research;
  • and, crucially, how you think your research fits into our research themes and priorities.

You may wish to explore your research proposal informally with a specific colleague in our department prior to submission, however please do not email all staff to make a general request.

On submission your details will be forwarded to the Slade’s Head of Research to be evaluated at the Slade Research Committee which meets three times a year. Following this initial evaluation, you will be contacted with advice on either how to apply more formally, or the reason we are unable to accept you.

If we are interested in accepting you, we will ask you to make a formal application through UCL's procedures, and it is only after the formal application has been considered that you will receive a decision about whether we can offer you a place. A formal offer can only be made by the Head of Department. These processes can take several weeks, so please allow enough time. If you are a non-UK resident you will also need to make a visa application and this too can take time.

Procedure, fees and visas

Please see UCL's Affiliates Academic Scheme webpages for further information including procedures, fees and visas.  

Please note that we will liaise with the visiting researchers we accept in advance of their visit to develop an agreed research work plan, which brings clear benefits to both parties. In order to make most effective use of your time with us, we suggest that plans are made well in advance of your visit.

Visiting Research Students

For Visiting Research Student application information please see our MPhil/PhD research student section.