Slade School of Fine Art


Portraits (2020)

Jo McGarry
MFA Media, First year

Portraits, Jo McGarry, 2020

Six Portraits, Oil on Canvas, 40x40cm, 2020


As Leonardo da Vinci dissected the human body and recorded his findings in his notebooks, so this series of portraits dissect and record 3D digital scans of my own body. It is a visual autopsy of the digital being.

The distortion is structural, not imagined. How space, time, form and consequent perception of reality is distorted by the characteristics of the media and the to and fro transition between analogue and digital realities is the core aim in a series of projects of which the portraits are amongst the first.

The transformations from my body, to the 3D digital scan, and back to an analogue format (oil on canvas portraits) starts to record and look at these transitions.