The Spontaneous Reaction workshop/seminar took place at the Slade Centre for Electronic Media In Fine Art (S.C.E.M.F.A.) from 23-27th June 1997.It was concerned with examining Interactivity and Human Behaviour. This special event was funded by the Arts Council of England, and developed by Susan Collins in consultation with Volcano productions.

There were 12 participants made up of a combination of art students and practising artists. Specialists from a number of disciplines gave presentations throughout the week, which also involved a visit to the Serious Games exhibition at the Barbican Gallery, London, and an immersive experience in Char Davies 'Osmose'.

On Thursday 26th June as part of this event, a CUseeme seminar afternoon took place, where we used videoconferencing to discuss on a number of issues which emerged throughout the earlier part of the week. We used the 'geektalk' to have dialogues with artists/thinkers/writers involved in this area around the world.

Some of the resulting 'conversations' were pasted into the website as a kind of cultural documentation/snapshot of not only our dialogues on interactivity 'now', but also an example of one kind of communications technology in practice. The website also hosts questions on a range of related issues that emerged throughout the week, and visitors to the site are encouraged to participate in this dialogue, and record their own responses.