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This practice-led Fine Art PhD researches the concept of freedom of movement, aiming to address the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and prevent hidden injustices developing into a new hierarchy.

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Breeze of Peace

Breeze of Peace

, Shao-Jie Lin, 2018, windsock sewn from white flags and medical bandages

Shao-Jie Lin

Freedom of movement concerns both the national and international. In terms of nations, my research investigates freedom of movement by social class, attempting to clarify whether this boosts fundamental rights, triggers systemic racism or is being abused by a capitalist economy. Worldwide, my research addresses the effects of neoliberalism, examining free trade and labour in order to examine Brexit, refugees, the rise of far-right politics and the impact of COVID-19.

My thesis will comprise a body of artworks plus a written analysis. The art practice will take the form of dystopian critique hybridised by black humour and magical realism. A spectrum of text, installation, video and collaborative works seek to respond to the current dilemmas caused by freedom of movement, predict issues derived from it, refresh concepts interlocked with it and liberate revolutionary possibilities.

Shaping a collective future of equality and justice, my project will expand artistically upon academic theories of border, post-identity, cosmopolitanism and postcolonialism to further extend the limits of art and contribute a new cross-disciplinary reference.

Instagram: spectacular_agency


Primary supervisor: Simon Faithfull
Secondary supervisors: Hayley Newman