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My project will investigate the creative potential of making and thinking with diagrams. I will explore how artistic re-interpretations of scientific diagrams can investigate abstract, aesthetic and material strategies in hypothesis formation, visualisation and communication. The project combines current semiotic research about the creativity of thinking with diagrams with the need for more research about the designing and making of diagrams as a common and beneficial practice across disciplines.

Featured Media

Configuration 01

Configuration 01

, Mary Yacoob, 2022, cyanotype, 52 x 70 cm

I’ll be interviewing scientists and researchers about the roles that diagrams play in different stages of their research, from informal sketches to highly finished visualisations for presentations and research output. My artworks will re-present these diagrams in multiple comparative iterations that explore varied diagrammatic functions. Diagrammatic themes will include the logical relationships between parts of a whole, the generative roles of chaos, and the relationships between technology and mind/body. Material and compositional strategies will include visual analogies, the interpretive potential of involuntary marks, and the creation of self-governing systems.

Instagram: @mary_yacoob


Primary supervisor: David Burrows
Secondary supervisor: Chiara Ambrosio
Tertiary supervisor: Sharon Morris