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Imagination is everything. I believe in an art practice fully governed by it that impacts actively in society: an artistic approach mediating between a technology-driven troubleshooting and a more holistic understanding of our context. Solutions, more often than not, come perhaps from combined methodologies and I believe a practice resides in the margins, at the crossroads of disciplines and research.

Featured Media

The Dream Adventure, installation view, C3A, Córdoba

The Dream Adventure, installation view, C3A, Córdoba

, Leonor Serrano Rivas, 2019

Javier Artero

Nowadays, for the implementation of a closer relationship with nature and in order to challenge technocentric individualism, my work aims to look back in time before the arrival and hegemony of scientific method and discourse. Labelled as Natural Magic, a period in which pre-scientific method, magic and philosophy shared terms, interests and even more: instruments to understand the world and expand the boundaries of what could and could not be made image, imagined, thought of and considered.

Instagram: LeoSerranoRivas


Primary supervisor: Gary Stevens, Hayley Newman
Secondary supervisor: Sharon Morris, Penelope Haralambidou (Bartlett)