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Women’s voices in India continue to be silenced by the legacy of British colonialism and patriarchal, social, political and economic structures. 

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The Well

The Well

, Bindu Mehra, film still

©the artist

Even today within contemporary visual art discourse in India, gender-based violence referencing partition and its aftermath is conspicuously absent. Through an interwoven exploration of theory and practice, my research includes interviews with women affected by this silencing and violence, and interrogates gender, memory, archives and moving image practices through a neo, post-colonial lens. I de-construct concepts of ‘ripping’, ‘folding’, ‘voice’, ‘absence’ and ‘retelling’, in order to build new, alternative narratives that, with integrity, ‘offer a voice’ to women’s silence.



Primary supervisor - Jayne Parker
Secondary - Marquard SmithDryden Goodwin