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MA student Anja Borowicz has been investigating the politics of spatial identity through engaging with packaging and clothing, their design patterns and folding architectural forms.

Once exposed in a form of nets or emaciated down to their seams, these objects stop acting as a shelter and create elusive iconography or a touchstone between the personal and the collective. During the research time at Woburn, Borowicz was interested in activating these objects and sculptures, exploring their wearability and performing spaces they create.

Furthermore, she carried out initial explorations into ways of de-stabilizing a flow of space as inspired by design of board games and vernacular architecture. The latex casts of room corners (“seams”) became unstable co-ordinates for locating the body in space. Pathways were created and diverted with mobile folding screens. A collaborative idea for a Box Man (adopted from a book by Kobo Abe) was tested and performed later during a multidisciplinary exhibition.