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Two Slade students interview four Slade alumni about their path to and through art education, their experiences along the way and what they are doing now.

Featured Media

Remi Ajani and Alvaro Barrington

Remi Ajani and Alvaro Barrington

, 2021

This project shows the differing art education journeys people take and we hope this inspires you to find out more about studying fine art.

Responding to the Slade students’ questions, the artists speak honestly about how they supported themselves through their studies, navigated challenges and how this has affected what they do in their careers now.

Student Interviewers

Remi Ajani, artist bio:
Remi Ajani is a London-based artist currently studying at the Slade School of Fine Art. Her work deals with colour and gesture and is connected to an understanding of self and identity. Ajani explores painting as an outlet for radical self-expression and truth. Her work seeks to create an atmosphere and explore a sense that transcends the image and speaks to duality, longing and visibility. Inspired by her interest in phenomenology, she investigates how to make  work that allows viewers to connect with a shared emotional space and how in turn this emotional space can be transferred to a surface.

Harpreet Uppal, artist bio:
Harpreet Uppal is a British Indian artist based in South East London. At its core, her practice is about engaging with aspects of spirituality. She is particularly focused on the interpretation of Divine Feminine energy and how it exists in a modern society. Her work often explores escapism through alternate dimensions and realms. During the course of the pandemic, painting became her medium of choice, as she was best able to navigate her emotions and experiences. Her paintings are vibrant and beaming with energy. There is a vast amount of detail within each piece and every element is vital. Additionally, Harpreet brings a depth of meaning to the medium of photography, with striking double-exposures that layer omnipresent figures with spiritual imagery.

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This project was made possible by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Small Grant. It was won by Rebecca Loweth, Slade alumni, artist and Associate Teaching Fellow who also produced the films. The films were edited by Sara Borga, Slade alumni, artist and independent researcher. 

Interviews took place summer 2021.