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week 12 17.07.2003

Fiona Jackson-Downes

Been There

I have been researching the imprint the psyche has on the environment and their mutual definition of one another. I'm interested in communication in the form of objects as an extension of the Self, or the Collective. Recognising that every interior provides the original perimeters for our imagination, has lead me to consider the exterior, and the social collective and how one defines the other. Also present within my work is the reflexive mechanism through which the anthropomorphic qualities of furniture and environments can be used to define these areas, areas in which psychologically we exist but physically we do not.
The themes within my work are varied and include, society's rules surrounding social interaction, love and familiarity, insecurity, fear, contradictions and taboos, feelings related to mortality and the uncanny. All are issues I have dealt with in the past and all focus on the inherent differences in public and private perceptions surrounding these issues explored through the psychological model stated above.
I specialise in photography and digital media. I am also a freelance digital artist working for commercial image libraries. This is a major influence on my work in terms of the library's use of classification and compartmentalisation of society’s' image, and advertising’s' obsession with perfection, both of which directly and inversely play a role in my art practice today.The project I have submitted to ‘Being There’ on ‘Not-TV.org is a series of digitally altered images of a mile long bicycle ride. The journey is familiar one to me as it is the road I walked to school as a child.
The project is called ‘Been there’ moving images 2003
Fiona Jackson-Downes

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