week 13 24.07.2003

Eugenia Fratzeskou

Spaces of Intersection

Following the successful interdisciplinary Online Drawing Project [1] - launched as part of Computers in Art & Design Education 2003 - this project has been based on the overlooked problems and issues occurring when using fundamental methods of digital 3D modelling for the creation of simple interior spaces.
Online Drawing Project [2] aims to develop further the possibilities and address issues that emerged in Online Drawing Project [1]. The key aim is to reveal and challenge the true function, purpose and relationship of 3D modelling software, VR and real space, with an emphasis placed on spatial set operations i.e. fundamental modelling methods, based on Boolean algebra.
Although spatial set operations do not simulate other methods, they still contain abstractions and metaphors. These may contrast our experience or make us aware of a different dimension of actual interior sites. To be aware of and enact with the paradoxes of spatial set operations and their products i.e. actual sites, it is important not to create ‘pictures of’ space but to work between actual and virtual space.
Participants are not restricted to any particular medium. They may work individually or collaboratively and choose one or combine the following general themes: Contrasting logics, spaces of intersection or Interpretation.