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Apply for a Fundació Miró Mallorca grant of €3000, to cover travel expenses and accommodation for a residency at the Slade.

The award provides the use of studio space for one person for a maximum of one month and agreed access to the university’s print workshops and other academic activities programmed during the academic year.

To apply see: the Fundació Miró Mallorca website and complete the registration and application form.

Deadline 1 August 2022

Slade 150 documentary trailer

, directed and produced by Kate Stonehill & Justin Hardy, 2021, film
Transcript (Word doc.)

Slade@150 commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Slade School of Fine Art at UCL.

The film has been commissioned by Professor Stella Bruzzi as dean of the arts and humanities, to celebrate the Slade past, present and future. Stella hired two UCL academic-filmmakers, award-winners, Kate Stonehill and Justin Hardy, to co-direct a filmic piece that ranges from 19871 to the present day, from the arrival of women students, the growth of transnationalism in the mid 20th century, and the current crises of brilliance that include graduating during the pandemic.

The film is told as a visual poem, in six distinct verses, to underline that this is a single version of the story, not the definitive alternative. A central theme is that while there are a number of world famous alumni/ae, such as Paula Rego and Antony Gormley, going back in time to Stanley Spencer and Gwen John, the Slade is proud of its entire community that has each contributed to the collective, as teachers, curators, practitioners, inside and outside the world of art.

Film running time 1 hour.

Bloomsbury Theatre
6 - 7pm
Wednesday 8 June 2022
Tickets are free, book via the Bloomsbury Theatre