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Installation view of Problems to Play by Cat Madden.
Problems to Play (still), Cat Madden, 2024, Materials: chalkballs, pigment, polystyrene, sandpaper, glue sticks, resistance bands, card, disco ball motor, sugar paper, Lokta paper, graphite, tinfoil, marbles, wood offcuts, balls of thread, drafts of MFA Critical Studies essay, fruit and vegetable nettings, photographs, text, concrete rocks.

©Cat Madden

Congratulations to final year graduate student Cat Madden who has been awarded the 2024 Ivan Juritz Prize for Creative Experiment (image) for her work 'Problems to Play'. Cat was shortlisted along with Bowen Zhang also a final year graduate student - a wonderful achievement for both.

Cat Madden: Problems to Play
‘I intuitively explore the in-betweenness of things, problems, play, and transformation through installation, object-making, and drawing. ‘Not knowing’ is a space for creative experimentation, problem solving, and discovery.
Drawing is my touch, the traces of accidents, my writing, the experience of searching, of figuring things out, of getting confused.
My process is play – the seriousness of play, the joy of play, the learning from play.
In everyday materials I seek wonder. I fuse things that don’t ‘belong’, I use things that may not last, and I place things you might (nearly) step on.’