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Photograph of Dryden Goodwin's 'Breathe' artwork on show in conference hall at Austrian World Summit
Dryden Goodwin's 'Breathe' on show at Austrian World Summit, June 2024

Photo ©Dryden Goodwin

Dryden Goodwin was at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Austrian World Summit in Vienna last week showing his on-going project ‘Breathe’, alongside Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah CBE, from The Ella Roberta Foundation and 'Breathe' producer Lucy Wood Invisible Dust. Drawings from ‘Breathe’ (featuring Rosamund) looked over the mainstage for the 500+ delegates. Speakers included some of the world’s leading climate figures such as Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the UN, and John Podesta, senior advisor to US president Joe Biden for international climate policy.

Talking about the experience Dryden Goodwin said:  
"Making these hundreds of pencil studies, I’m drawing myself into a heightened sense of another person’s experience. The showing of ‘Breathe’ hopes, through the act of drawing, to create vital empathy for the injustices of air pollution.....It was an honour to meet the incredible Arnold Schwarzenegger and to hear more about how he and many others are bringing about real change, while urging the world’s most powerful and influential to do the same - through actions over talk alone. It was a pleasure working with the great team at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Climate Initiative at this galvanizing, inspiring, and hope-filled summit." 

The Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Austrian World Summit powerful theme was “Be Useful: Tools For A Healthy Planet”.