Typography Tutorials

Step-by-step methods for getting the most out of your fonts and graphic design software. FontBook, A New Way Of Combining & Comparing And Sharing Typefaces A little tutorial to get you acquainted with the new functionalities of the new FontBook app for iPad. Tutorial: Glowing letters Use this Photoshop technique to create electric glowing type sprinkled with pixie dust. Tutorial: Festive Engraved Type This tutorial shows how to create delicate shadow lines and shaded engraved type. Tutorial: Photorealistic Perspective Sometimes, flat just doesn’t cut it, and we need to find other, more attractive ways to present designs to our customers. Read more

Typography Basics

Refresh yourself with the terminology and fundamentals required for sound typesetting. Learn How To Kern Like A Pro With KernType An online game in the Method Of Action series aims at showing the importance of balanced distribution of space between characters. Figuring Out Numerals – The Sequel In this sequel to “Figuring Out Numerals” we look at some special cases. Figuring Out Numerals In this first instalment of our examination of numerals we look at the different figure sets available in OpenType fonts. Making Books In The Days Of The Linotype A vintage short documentary produced by Encyclopædia Britannica Films Read more