Pixel Conduit

The “Swiss army knife” of visual effects and live video processing.

Everything in PixelConduit is designed for realtime performance and high color precision. With its flexible user interface and advanced extension possibilities, PixelConduit is at home in any scenario that deals with video, whether it’s live effects, dynamic video installations, or post-production work like compositing and workflow automation.

PixelConduit includes over 90 different image processing operations that support High Dynamic Range imaging (floating-point color) everywhere throughout the rendering pipeline. All the built-in tools such as blue/green screen keyers, various color correction tools and high-quality blurs can be combined without limitations thanks to the Conduit Effect System, a powerful node-based user interface.

The Conduit Effect System has a unique node-joining capability that fuses complex effects together so that they can be rendered all in once on the computer’s GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). This means visual effects and composites can be rendered in realtime even with HD/2K+ sources. There’s no limitation on resolution or frame rate so it’s possible to mix NTSC, PAL, HD and any other sources.

PixelConduit’s extensive file format support covers also image sequences and pro formats: raw YUV, Cineon/DPX at all depths, OpenEXR…


Includes: web data source, Processing sketch source, javascript via canvas source, multi-screen output, ability to create bespoke plugins for FCPX and AE, MIDI and Arduino control.