Digital Artists Handbook: Blender: Working with 3D

Once upon a time to work with 3d software you’d need a small fortune to get you started – a few thousand Euros for the software, and a few more to partake in a premium rate course or two to learnthe basics. Or you could save your pennies and buy a mute tutorial book, which would invariably goout of date as newer versions of your program would surface, and keyboard short cuts, terminologyand layout would change.   Now the world of 3D computer graphics has opened up and its anyone’s game. Blender potentially replaces the industry standards of Maya, Cinema4D and 3DS Max, happily quelling the age olddilemma of ‘which 3D program is best / should I fork out on?’ (‘try Blender, its free and its great’).Your premium rate teacher is replaced by the hoards of helpful souls wandering Blender forums,waiting and eager to help, and to get you started you can search for the array of video tutorials onYouTube and beyond, lovingly created to make learning easy.In the year and a half I have been learning and working with Blender

PDF: Blender: Working with 3D