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    Brass ale tap and glass of beer
    One is never enough, George Richardson, 2022, brass ale tap, oil on plywood tiles, teak, glass, 140 x 45 x 40 cm 

    ©the artist

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    Photo of sculpture of bent snooker cues
    Lovers, George Richardson, 2023, steam bent snooker cues, reclaimed wood. 147 x 56 x 12 cm 

    ©the artist

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    Sculpture of antique desk, English pool balls, steam bent snooker cue
    Big Decisions, George Richardson , 2023, antique desk, English pool balls, steam bent snooker cue

    ©the artist

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    Installation of artwork of 4 steam bent snooker cues
    Back in Five, George Richardson, 2023, 4/20 steam bent snooker cues (in process)

    ©the artist

  5. George Richardson – MA/MFA/PhD

George Richardson – MA/MFA/PhD

Based in London

George Richardson is a 25 year old artist from Cheltenham, UK.

With a critical eye towards British culture, Richardson investigates the slippages between reality and fiction in ‘everyday’ life.

As our society becomes increasingly preoccupied with the digital world, with more and more wipe clean surfaces and coffee subscriptions, Richardson examines nostalgia, identity politics and human mortality.

In his paintings and sculptures, he often warps the scale and makes alternations to objects that exist in exist in the cross generational consciousnesses, such as playing cards and snooker cues. Through these alterations and distortions of familiar objects, Richardson attempts to capture the lived experience, particularly relating to life in Britain, in these strange and volatile times.