Korallia Stergides – MA/MFA

I explore the vital politics of care in an interdependent world and emphasize nonhuman agencies. I work through various characters to “remythologize” autobiographical narratives; reimagining the intimacy of our interspecies relationships and home.

Choreographic inquiries are framed through an interweaving of performance, poetry, installation, etching, drawing, photography, film, sound and sculpture to construct an autofiction. The ways of participation in my work relate to the embodiment of care; by activating the body, the potential for a deeper understanding of care is opened.

The core of my most recent work meditates on the idea of imprinting. I invite my audience to explore the onomatopoeic parallels, shared gestures of intimacy and abstracted notions of touch between animals and humans.I hope to choreographically orientate my audience through spatial and material inversions. I am interested in monumentalising the ephemerality and vulnerability of my relationships, childhood and family through a decentralization of the body by hosting ourselves in different bodies that of a mother, a child, a cat or a lover.

Curriculum Vitae

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    Myam Mwam Meow Mam Ma

    , Korallia Stergides, 2021, video (excerpt)
    Watch the full video on Vimeo