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    A chaplain once said to me to not make work about myself (this is passing)

    , James Patrick Cox, 2020, video

    ©the artist

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    boiled dry

    , James Patrick Cox, 2021, excerpt of a screen performance. Duration: 36:16
    Watch full performance on Vimeo

    ©the artist

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    dot dot dot plant no.23

    dot dot dot plant no.23

    , James Patrick Cox, 2021, digital image

    ©the artist

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    dot dot dot pearl no.1

    dot dot dot pearl no.1

    , James Patrick Cox, 2021, digital image

    ©the artist

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    lethargic puddle

    , James Patrick Cox, 2022, video, duration: 10:00

    ©the artist

  6. James Patrick Cox – MA/MFA

    Curriculum Vitae


    2020-2022 MA Fine Art - The Slade School of Fine Art, London, UK

    2012-2015 BA Fine Art - Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff, Wales, UK


    Group Exhibitions

    Judd, Artworks Project Space, Barbican Arts Group Trust, London, 2022

    Generations Passing (with Bill Cox), Artsite, Swindon, 2020

    Well now, hold on / maybe I won't go to sleep at all (with Bill Cox), radio broadcast, Made in Roath, Cardiff, 2020

    The Arcades Project, Duke Street Arcade, Cardiff, 2019

    Generations Passing (with Bill Cox), 1A Inverness Place, Cardiff, 2029

    Overlap (with Shaun James), The Gate, Cardiff, 2018

    Unit(e) 2018, g39, Cardiff, 2018

    Maiden: A show about Love, Ruin Café, Cardiff, 2018

    Sightseers, g39, Cardiff, 2018

    The hinge that separates and connects, Deli Rouge, Cardiff, 2017

    does that include us? / yn cynnwys ni?, g39, Cardiff, 2016

    Solo Exhibitions

    Forever Fallow, Forever Flourishing, Spit and Sawdust, Cardiff, 2017


    Invigilator, Ffotogallery, Cardiff 2017 – 2019

    Presenter on Pitch Illustration Radio, Radio Cardiff, 2015 – 2018

    Invigilator for Wales in Venice at the Venice Biennale, Venice, 2017

    Festival Volunteer and Events Coordinator, Ffotogallery, Cardiff, 2017

    Warp Intern and Volunteer Coordinator, g39, Cardiff, 2016

James Patrick Cox – MA/MFA

My practice is concerned with the struggle of language and takes the form of performances, video, sound, and installations. I’m interested in the process of getting information in and out of one’s head, and what is lost and gained in this process. My work also looks at the anxiety that comes from this process, and how anxiety is a generative energy to produce. Recently, my work plays with the boundaries of language technologies, such as dictation and auto correct. This work explores how our interactions with these technologies can settle and unsettle our physical and emotional states.