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The Tate's controversial  Khakhar retrospective continues until November 6th. The  much younger painter Timothy Hyman first met Khakhar in 1976, and came to know him well, making several long visits to India  and publishing a pioneering monograph on his  work in 1998.

Timothy Hyman talks about Bhupen Khakhar and his new book, The World New Made. The video of this lecture can be viewed on YouTube.

Thames & Hudson have just published his large book, The World New Made: Figurative Painting in the Twentieth Century, which includes a  section on Khakhar. In this informal talk ,  Timothy Hyman will present Khakhar as a liberator from many modern taboos - both aesthetic and sexual.

Linda Nochlin on The World New Made
Both wonderfully concrete in detail and wide-ranging in scope, Timothy Hyman’s The World New Made constructs a new and convincing scenario for the history of 20th-century painting.  Rejecting the straitjacket of modernist theory and the rigid model of abstraction, the author, himself a painter as well as an art historian, posits the neglected realm of figure painting as the important vehicle of modernity in the recent past, reinterpreting the work of well-known artists like Chagall, Leger, Kahlo and Guston  as well as reviving the careers of neglected ones like Ken Kiff, Bhupen Khakhar or Ida Applebroog.  A keen visual intelligence, human warmth and intellectual commitment mark his project:  needless to say, the well-chosen and beautifully reproduced illustrations do much to support the author’s provocative text.

Timothy Hyman is a painter (elected RA in 2011).He was lead curator for the Tate's Stanley Spencer retrospective in 2001; in 2003 ,Thames & Hudson published his monograph on Sienese Painting (an admiration he shared with Khakhar and several other Indian painters).

The video of this lecture can be viewed on YouTube.