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Contemporary Art Lecture poster: Penny Rafferty

Contemporary Art Lecture poster: Penny Rafferty

, October 2022

Radical Friends: Decentralised Autonomous Organisations & the Arts (Online)

Penny Rafferty is an independent writer and thinker, departing from her research and thinking she has initiated and co-founded Black Swan DAO, a proto-institution for interdisciplinary research and practice. She is also the Co-Principle Investigator at Serpentine Galleries Blockchain R&D Lab and co-developed the think tank series Artworld DAO’s and The Radical Friends Sumit (2019-2022) with Ruth Catlow and Ben Vickers, in coordination with Serpentine Galleries, Furtherfield, Haus Der Kunst Munich and Goethe Institute London. In 2022 she released the book “Radical Friends – Decentralised Autonomous Organisations and the Arts” with Catlow consolidating five years of research into a toolkit for fierce thinking and connectivity that moved beyond the established systems of centralised control in the art industry and wider financial networks through web 3 thinking.