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Extinction Rebellion is a global environmental movement which believes we are facing an unprecedented global emergency. Our joint loss is huge. Half of all animals have ‘vanished’ in just one lifetime. We are in an Ecological crisis, a mass species extinction. Our course is set to planetary system collapse.

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Naomi Leake: Rebel for Life

Naomi Leake: Rebel for Life

, January 2020

Poster, Naomi Leake: Rebel for Life

Extinction Rebellion are strictly and avowedly non-violent. But we can and will use our words and our bodies to disrupt the system that threatens us all.

The task ahead is daunting and the likelihood of success may seem slim, but the stakes are so high, the risks of continuing down the ruinous path we are on so dire, with all Life hanging in the balance, that doing nothing, even doing only what we’ve done before, is unthinkable.

We need to take action in the world and we need to look after ourselves and each other. This rebellion is fuelled by our love, which is growing because we are willing to face the grief of these times. A movement that is not afraid to tell the truth and then act on it.

Find out more at: https://rebellion.eart


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