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Colour & Poetry: A Symposium V, 21st - 22nd  March 2023, is a cross- and inter-disciplinary two-day virtual event held by the Slade School of Fine Art, in celebration of International Colour Day, World Poetry Day and World Pigment Day. The symposium hosts a range of speakers representing the arts and humanities, science, and industry, drawing upon knowledge from within and outside of the UCL community, it includes presentations, readings, performance and practical workshops.

Featured Media

Colour & Poetry
Colour & Poetry, Lesley Sharpe, 2023

©the artist

Junagadh, Gudjarat
Junagadh, Gudjarat, Liz Rideal, 2022

©Liz Rideal

Toy Theatre
Toy Theatre, Vaishali Prazmari
Shaker box pigments
Shaker box pigments, Brece Honeycutt
Shaker pigments cupboard
Shaker pigments cupboard, Brece Honeycutt
Manifesto of Painting – Painter
Manifesto of Painting – Painter, Richard Kenton Webb, 2022, oil pigment on linen, 69 x 114 cm
Bernard, Jinny, Louis, Neville, Rhoda, Susan
Bernard, Jinny, Louis, Neville, Rhoda, Susan, Jane Bustin, 2022, anodised aluminium, indigo sail cloth, crushed oyster shell, sea water, steel pin, 20 x 30 cm

Symposium Director: Jo Volley

Online exhibition Colour/Print/Poetry will accompany the Symposium.

Lesley Sharpe, Colour, Print & Poetry V (Palatino), 2023, 29.7cm x 42cm
This year's Colour & Poetry image is available to buy as a digital pigment print and printed in an edition of 50 exclusively for the symposium. Please contact Lesley Sharpe if you would like to purchase a print. Cost - £50

This event is generously supported by Colart.


Free: online via Zoom