Digital Aesthetics
Some of these links relate directly to artists and others cited in the book. Others are sources used during writing but not directly quoted. Still others are here because they raise interesting questions about the directions taken in the new media, their histories and their possibilities. If you would like your page included, or know of links that would be of interest, please let us know.

The Great Wall of China, online version of the CD-ROM. Check the rest of Simon Biggs' site for some extraordinary experiences

Mark America's GRAMMATRON, interactive + hypertext = hyperactive fiction

Indra's Net, hypertext poetry with live syntactic engines by John Cary

Komar and Melamid's homepage, documenting their immense artwork polling profiles of national taste across the internet and producing artworks on the basis of the polls. This is housed at the Dia Art Centre server, where many other artists online projects have been launched

Miroslaw Rogala's homepage, documenting large-scale public interactive artworks and performances

Jodi: a two-handed and ever-changing reflection of net culture back on itself. Perhaps the one online art project everyone agrees is remarkable and prescient. Is this the degree zero of

Shu Lea Cheang's latest web project "Brandon"
Landfill, Mark Napier's project to rid the web of unwanted files by allowing them to rot onscreen; like Jodi and ebstalker, a genuine internet project, and one that like them questions the sense of the word 'art'


The Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, the UK's premiere electronic arts agency, home of Video Positive and ISEA98

Adaweb, a major international site housing a number of artists projects, collaborative site for interventionist artworks online, including WebStalker, a radical artwork in the form of an alternative browser, one of the most entertaining, intelligent and challenging works of digital art so far.

Iniva, the Institute for the New International Visual Arts, hosts artists pages including major work by Keith Piper
The Thing, an artists server

Postmasters Gallery, New York base for electronic artists

New Media Centre projects at the ICA, London

Ljubljana Digital Media Lab


Redundant Technology Initiative

ASCI, Art and Science Collaborations, Inc. Annual awards for digital arts and journalism

The Museum of Contemporary Art Montreal gateway to media arts on internet, an excellent start point


Hubble Space Telescope overview, linked to some of the most extraordinary digital images ever produced. They raise immense questions for theories of representation and realism in the digital media.

Odden's Bookmarks, gateway to cartography collections online

Great GIS net sites, gateway to online collections, shareware and software, discussions of Geographical Information Systems, the digital mapping technology discussed in Chapter 2

One of several gateways to the Visible Human Project. The whole project, which imaged the body of an executed murderer using the full array of medical imaging technologies, can only be accessed on mainframes that have licenses to use the entire archive for educational purposes, but some staggering images are available.

Artificial Life Online, the house organ of the Santa Fe Institute, home of a-life and chaos theory, with links to other impressive projects like Thomas Ray's Tierra.
Art History and the World Wide Web, a remarkable listing of links to major online holdings of images and collections as well as critical resources maintained for CHArt (Computers and the History of Art) by Brian

Encyclopedie: a test site for a massive project to provide the entirety of Diderot and D'Alembert's Encyclopedia online, including plates. Roland Barthes' essay on the plates is a masterpiece of critical analysis, and provided a major launch point for the argument that reason and irrationalism are impossible to separate. So far only Volume One is online, and it is in the original Frencvh, but it provides the opportunity to study the amazing anatomy plates in excellent reproductions. Museum of Art Archive (html mirror), with a wonderrful collection of images arranged by date and artist, one of the few top sites not mentioned in Art History and the World Wide Web

WWWomen! 'The Premier Search Directory for Women Online' claims the banner, which is pretty much what it is. Invaluable for research in cyberfeminism

Film-Philosophy Electronic Salon, high level disussion on film topics and excellent links to essays and publications online


Rhizome, an e-mail discussion list available raw or in weekly digest form, archived at

Nettime, online e-mail discussion group engaging with the global politics of the net as well as aesthetic issues, archived at

Médiologie: French language site developing the mediological analyses of Régis Debray

Speed: An Electronic Journal of Media, Technology and Society: one of the many online research journals, not only one of the best, but with an excellent directory of other online cyberstudies journals

Critical Art Ensemble, site developed by the artists collective who authored Electronic Civil Disobedience and The Electronic Disturbance

Arthur and Marilouise Kroker's homepage, the Canadian essayists and media tyros keeping the flame of MacLuhan alight in Montreal. Also home of the e-zine C-Theory.

Screen Studies Online, the homepage for the author's department at Liverpool John Moores University, including the Third Text homepage and extensive links