Digital Aesthetics
WELCOME to the Digital Aesthetics site, a companion to the book of the same name, written by Sean Cubitt and published by Sage in London and New York in 1998. Because of constraints on price, the book had no illustrations, so one purpose of the site is to provide images discussed in the book. But there is more. Four years of research went into the final 80,000 word manuscript, of which about 6 months was spent cutting materials. This site provides outtakes from that editing process, sections, essays and parts of chapters cut for reasons of space. Whilst I was writing, I also produced a series of fragmentary observations, which I have tried to turn into an online hypertext, to see what the new medium offers and how criticism can inform and be informed by practice, however amateurish. Most of all though, the Slade School department of multimedia have made this site available in the interests of establishing a space where discussions of digital aesthetics can be conducted. In the longer term, we hope to establish a listserver. In the interim, please browse through the site, and feel free to e-mail comments and queries, arguments and debates, criticisms and new directions. Your ideas will be published on the site as a resource for other artists, students and scholars (unless you indicate that you would rather not)