Slade 2012

Emily-Jane Robinson

Emily-Jane Robinson Emily-Jane Robinson Emily-Jane Robinson Emily-Jane Robinson

Lily at the Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, California, July 2011, 2011, Duratrans on Lightbox, 18" x 24"
Sebastiaan, London, August 2011, 2011, Duratrans on Lightbox, 24" x 18"
20 minutes with my Father outside the apartment where he lived on Cuvier Street when I was 12 in 1998, 2011, Super 8mm transferred to digital video, 4:49
Outside the Alibi, London, October 2011, 2011, Duratrans on Lightbox, 36" x 24"
Too Young To Die, 2010, mixed-media installation with single-channel video

Since the beginnings of my art making, my work has functioned as a medium by which to explore and reflect upon the human identity, condition and experience. The work itself has acted as a method in which myself and my participants have been able to understand our lives, bodies and minds, to separate from and find clarity within the complexities of feeling and being. Many of the works have been created through self-explorative processes and are wholly autobiographical. They have found shapes and have come to exist as their own individual entities, while also serving as documentation of specific journeys. The work is trans-medial – encompassing installation, video, photography, sound and written word.

In addition to working within the autobiographical, I am also greatly concerned with presentation. Through the creation of immersive and often participatory environments within my installation works, spaces are made for the viewer to encounter a type of overwhelming sensory experience. Although many of the works often begin from extremely personal and autobiographical places, much has been considered when it comes to the presentation of the work so that there is an entry point for every viewer in each space where the work is shown. Most of the time this entry point is created by constructing installations with the idea of immersion at the forefront of the visual architecture of the space. As much as I am a photographer and video artist, I am an installation artist.