Slade 2012

Jinsik Park

Jinsik Park, Untitled 1 Jinsik Park, Untitled 2 Jinsik Park, Balloon Project 1-1 Jinsik Park, Balloon Project 1-2 Jinsik Park, Balloon Project 1-3

Untitled 1, 2011, digital C-type print, 35(H) x 50cm(L)
Untitled 2, 2011, digital C-type print, 150(H) x 150cm(L)
There is no doubt that we have become a consumer-driven society. The major corporations are constantly implanting their logos and colors into our head through the mass media and even with their free plastic shopping bags to maximize the exposure. However, their store signs (logos) are threatened by pigeon droppings.
Buildings in London have been suffering for a while due to the bird problems, and especially with pigeons. Given the absence of predators in the city, their reproduction rate has been great concern for the city of London. Fear of bacterial infection and erosion of buildings by pigeon’s dropping, eventually lead to construction of the bird prevention structures such as netting, wire, and spike devices.This series is photographed in upward perspective and by framing the top portion of shop’s sign with the spikes only; I tried to portray the dual nature of corporations. Even with only a fraction of the logo, it is not hard to indentify the company, and this is something that we should be concerned about.

Balloon Project 1-1, 2012, digital C-type print, 150(H) x 150cm(L)
Balloon Project 1-2, 2012, digital C-type print, 150(H) x 150cm(L)
Balloon Project 1-3, 2012, digital C-type print, 150(H) x 150cm(L)
A medium format pinhole camera is attached to the balloons and faced downwards. This creates self portrait photographs with god’s point of view and the images are left as residue on negative. The by-product of this performative project is very abstract and this is due to the inevitable movement of the balloon with the effect of the wind and long exposure time which is controlled by 15 meter long air release cable.
We are living in a world where the constant gravity is pulling us down towards the core of the earth. Without any doubt, the gravity is essential and necessary force for every living organism. However, this force could be possibly seen as burden or hardship that we must bear in order to survive our competitive society.
The purpose of the balloon project is to create an anti-gravitational force with weather balloons. This artificial force, which formulated by the helium gas is working directly against the gravity and therefore possibly ease the burden on our shoulders.
Through the abstract portrait, I am playing with ideas of identity and adaptation, which is closely linked to my very personal experience of moving around between two countries; US and Korea. The blurred images, to some extent portray my desperate attempt to make adaptation, and also reveal my chaotic state of mind.